Where to Study Life Coaching in South Africa?

Life coaches are becoming more popular every day, and it’s clear why. People are questioning whether they are seeking true happiness because of the pressures we have been subjected to by society. People sometimes have a difficult time adjusting their belief systems since they have been influenced for so long. This is why they need a trained, professional life coach.  

A Life Coach is different from a therapist or a counselor. Mental health issues and struggles are most often addressed by therapy, while life coaching focuses on personal growth, business decisions, and life transitions. Life coaching is about determining obstacles and helping clients achieve their goals.

In response to the increasing number of people searching for lifestyle coaches, those who are already enlightened have more opportunities to succeed. Life coaching has thus become an attractive career option. 

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Life Coach?

You might want to consider a career as a life coach if you are passionate about helping others flourish in business, relationships, or mental health. Leadership skills are necessary for guiding clients in the right direction.

As well as the reasons mentioned above, becoming an entrepreneur is also a significant motivation. There are challenges associated with being self-employed, but you are also able to be flexible. It allows you more time to spend with your family and travel, which is what makes you happy.

Where to Study Life Coaching in South Africa?

In South Africa, there are many life coach training courses available, but not all are created equal. Integrated Life Coaching offers a range of coaching levels and niches. 

Three levels of training are offered in Integrative Life Coaching:

  • Integrative Coaching Certification (IC), 
  • Integrative Professional Coaching Certification (IPC) 
  • Integrative Master Coaching Certification (IMC). 

Every level requires a minimum of two years to complete. This program has been fully accredited by COMENSA. 

Through these courses, students will learn about the Integrative Life Coaching approach, meditation, technique, theory, business coaching, relationship coaching, psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology, and more. The passing mark for the training is 80%, and competence in the skills learned is required.

You might consider becoming a life coach if you would like to enrich the lives of others while earning your own income. You can begin your journey as a life coach by enrolling in Level 1 of life coach training. To learn more, please contact Integrative Coaching. 

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