Where Can I Study Life Coaching in South Africa?

The popularity of life coaches is growing every day, and with good reason. The pressures society has placed on us are making people question the pursuit of true happiness. It can be quite challenging for people to achieve a complete mind shift since our belief systems have been influenced for so long, which is why a trained, professional life coach is needed.  

There is a difference between Life Coaching and therapy or counseling. Therapy typically addresses mental illness and struggles, whereas life coaching handles certain personal issues, business decisions, and overall conditions and transitions in a client’s life. A goal of coaching is to determine obstacles and choose the best course of action to help your client become the person they wish to be.

With the number of people searching for life coaches, the opportunities for the already enlightened individuals are vastly growing. Therefore, making a career out of life coaching has become a solid choice. 

Is a Career in Life Coaching Right for You?

If you are passionate about seeing people flourish, whether it is in business, relationships or mental health, you might want to consider a career as a life coach. You will have to own the leadership skills necessary to guide clients in the right direction.

Another reason, combined of course with the above-mentioned reason, is to become an entrepreneur. Being self-employed does come with its own set of challenges but it also comes with flexibility. If you’re able to schedule your own hours, it means you can do more of what makes you happy, like spending time with your family or travelling.

Where Can I Study Life Coaching?

There are many life coach training courses in South Africa to choose from, but not all are created equally. Integrative Life Coaching offers various levels of coaching as well as different niches. 

The Integrative Life Coaching training program offers three levels:

  • Integrative Coach Certification (IC), 
  • Integrative Professional Coach Certification (IPC) 
  • Integrative Master Coach Certification (IMC). 

The minimum time required to complete each level is two years. COMENSA has fully accredited our program. 

Students will learn about the Integrative Life Coaching approach, meditation, technique, theory, business coaching, relationship coaching, psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology, and more during these courses. A pass mark of 80% is required, as well as demonstrating competence in the skills learned during training.

If enriching the lives of others while writing your own paycheck sounds like something you’d want to achieve, then you should consider becoming a life coach. Register for Level 1 of life coach training to begin your journey as a life coach. Contact Integrative Coaching today for more information. 

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