What Questions Should I Ask an Executive Coach?

Is it possible for you to point out my blind spots?

Blind spots are something we all have. It may be that we need to improve our skills or behaviours to be more effective to make a significant impact on the people and organizations we serve. Blind spots sometimes relate to bad habits. It is important to have honest people around us who can help you identify and overcome your blind spots if you want to have the impact you should as a leader.

What is preventing me from reaching the next level?

Coachable leaders are constantly learning and growing. There is no attachment to their ego, no need to prove themselves or be seen as an expert. In this vulnerable, yet high-growth state, a leader can continue to take their development to the next level by proactively exploring the places in their life where they might be weak, playing small, or holding themselves back.

What can I do to make better decisions?

A leader’s ability to make decisions is a core attribute. Making decisions involves cognitive and emotional processing. Leaders are not always aware of the cognitive biases they are prone to. Recognizing these biases leads to better decisions in the future. Leaders can discover the root cause of a bad decision by examining the underlying beliefs and feelings with a coach.

What skills should I develop?

Almost all leaders have shortcomings that can be improved. Which skill should I focus on to develop my leadership style? It is imperative to improve communications skills, motivate teams through collaboration and trust, and develop others from company to company.

What is my end goal?

Any piece of advice should be followed up with details about the results or impact it might have. Answering this question will not only provide clarification but will also allow the recipient to customize the steps as well as the motivation to undertake the recommendation. Establishing goals will allow for better strategic and tactical adjustments.

In what areas am I most likely to succeed?

You should always ask your mentor, “What are my areas for improvement, growth, and development?” This shows you respect his or her ability to spot opportunities for improvement, growth, and development. Your mentor can also tap into both personal and professional areas with this question, which will facilitate a great deal of change.

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