What Is the Best Executive Coaching Qualification in South Africa?

Over the past few years, performance coaching has become popular across several industries as companies strive to enhance their leadership talent. 

It focuses on helping individuals who are already performing at a high level. Additionally, it is proactive, guiding workers and leaders in the workplace to maximize their potential. In most cases, it is used by people who are already performing well and want to become more successful and efficient at work.

Leading through coaching is often about overcoming performance issues, learning how to deal with increased stress levels, dealing with various levels of relationship dynamics and discovering hidden layers of yourself by revealing undiscovered aspects and blind spots. It’s your responsibility as an executive coach to guide and give advice where necessary. 

Using the integrative approach is the path to mastering your awareness, revealing and processing unconscious emotions and achieving your potential. Rather than solely being intellectual, this process is fundamentally experiential, which dramatically helps create real, lasting positive change.

Although executive coaching can be insightful, it tends to end at the intellectual level. By dissolving negative and limiting beliefs and thought patterns, and by integrating the transformative power of unconscious emotions with conscious awareness, lasting change can be achieved. 

As you go through this process, you will identify those limiting patterns, face the shadow aspects that drive them, and finally discover your authentic self. When you rely on executive and life coaching, you can experience the full power and support within yourself.

What Is the Best Executive Coaching Qualification?

The Integrative Approach is one of the best executive coach training courses available in South Africa. To complete the full integrative coaching program, available online, students must complete three levels of accreditation, namely: Integrative Coach Certification, Integrative Professional Coach Certification, and Integrative Master Coach Certification. 

You will become a Master Life Coach after finishing level 3 of the course accredited by COMENSA. A pass mark of 80% is required, and you will have to demonstrate competence in applying the skills acquired during training.

For more information about The Integrative Approach, feel free to get in touch with us. Alternatively, enrol for level 1 today and start your journey of becoming a world-class executive coach.

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