What Is Life Coaching Therapy? Does It Differ from Traditional Therapy?

It’s easy to confuse life coaching and therapy as they are pretty similar in principle. However, Life Coaching therapy (or simply life coaching) isn’t the same as conventional therapy (also known as counselling).

Therapy vs. Life Coaching

Patients and their therapists work together to resolve issues that interfere with their healthy, satisfying lives. Therapy is designed to be a long-term process. As well as addressing problematic behaviours, relationship problems, and grief, therapists might also address other emotional obstacles.

In therapy, a licensed healthcare professional helps patients confront and cope with trauma, improve their relationships with others (and themselves), and identify, process, and deal with their emotions in a healthy manner. Mental health issues can also be diagnosed, monitored, and treated by a licensed therapist.

Unless he or she holds a certificate of licensure as a healthcare professional, a life coach isn’t a healthcare professional. The role of a life coach is to help clients set goals, reinforce effective behaviours, and overcome specific obstacles, such as procrastination. Instead of addressing past events, a coach helps the client focus on what can be changed in the present and the future. Besides helping clients set goals, coaches can help them formulate action plans.

Their primary goal is to help their clients understand their current life experiences and belief systems by exploring their past. Life coaches are present and future-focused. To accomplish their goals, they help clients examine where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there.

Rather than working with clients on setting goals and making changes, therapists tend to help them heal trauma, treat mental illness and addiction and overcome abuse. They are past and present-focused.

There is no license or degree required to become a life coach. As a result, anyone can be a life coach. Because of their unique experiences and backgrounds, people like you are realizing that they can offer valuable advice and mentorship to others. Contact Integrative Coaching today to get started on your journey as a life coach.