What Is Executive Coaching And Why Do I Need It?

The view from the Executive Coaching level

“Until you make the darkness conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ― C.G. Jung

It can be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be. How do you prepare for that next step, how can you unleash your unlimited potential? Industry professionals are increasingly turning to executive coaching for support for the transformative process of self-discovery and peak performance. The questions and higher levels are not only about how we achieve our goals but how we envision a future. And how we build and support a team that is aligned and encourages the best out of them.

Executive Coaching is NOT for everyone. If you aren’t open to change if you do not want feedback, if you are only doing it because someone is making you do it, stop reading right now and go back to what you were doing. If you are the kind of leader that is ready for the next evolution of perception and way of being in your field, business and at home (because executive coaching deals with all areas of your life), then let’s get started.

Peak Performance and Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching also known as High-Performance or Peak-Performance Coaching, usually starts with finding out an individual’s vision and or life ambitions, which can be before or after the individual discovers areas that are blocking them. It is about obtaining a balanced set of skills while exploring self-awareness, emotional content, beliefs, thought patterns, attitudes, behaviour patterns, leadership abilities and relationship dynamics.

Most of our understanding of what drives us and how we function comes from the mainstream psychological and medical model. This foundation is partly the root stumbling block when it comes to the mastery of our system, our minds. The fundamental perspective that we are taught is to look for symptoms to fix, and while this can be useful in certain instances, it limits our understanding and perspective of who we are.

This old way focuses primarily on symptomatic relief and suppression, using pharmaceuticals or coping techniques and mechanisms, at Integrative Coaching our underlying philosophy is the rediscovery and emergence of your authentic self.

This is done through the investigation and integration of unconscious and hidden aspects within the individual. The coaching process is about expanding self-awareness using powerful processes to help you become the master of your destiny.

The expansion of consciousness leads to the integration of these hidden aspects of the psyche, increasing your powers of empathic, persuasion and intuition of bordering on precognitive awareness.

When managing a business or department or navigating highly stressful environments, you know that learning never stops; there is always something new to incorporate, different dynamics to consider and maintain motivated while under pressure.

Integrative Executive Coaching teaches you how to deal with complex decision making by understanding people and yourself and tapping into the infinite aspects of your mind.

What will Executive Coaching Teach You

You will learn how to control your thinking, focus clearly, overcome stress and how to apply what you have learned to both your professional and personal life. The success you will achieve is only limited by the level in which you are willing to commit. Commitment to the process will lead you to:

  • Build emotional resilience
  • Manage stress
  • Stop overthinking
  • Navigate career changes
  • Overcome setbacks
  • Dissolve Inner Conflict
  • Unleash your Unlimited Potential

The higher your position, the more responsibilities you have, especially when you are a CEO, director, manager or business owner.

You are probably working harder than you’ve ever done. Sleeping less and stressing more. When you keep pushing yourself to maintain top performance, you might start to neglect other areas of your life, including your family and health, and specifically your psychological wellbeing.

High levels of stress can lead to insomnia, migraines, loss of focus, depression and anxiety. Our approach is based in neuroscience and has been clinically proven to restore calm and focus, improve communication, create work-life balance and get you to be the best version of yourself.

The integrative approach proposes a process designed to teach an individual how to master their emotional state of being and achieve their full potential, in all life situations. Commitment to the process allows for outcomes like Emotional Resilience, Management of Stress and Overthinking, along with being able to Navigate career changes and handling of major life challenges.

It is about discovering and harnessing the resources within by learning focus, concentration, emotional and present moment awareness. The process is fundamentally experiential rather than intellectual, making sure that the outcomes and changes are sustainable. Lasting change only happens through the transformative power of unconscious emotions being integrated into conscious awareness.

Overall, peak-performance coaching involves challenging individuals as well as supporting them, for them to build their skills and improve their performance in a balanced way that will lead to their best possible outcome.

Integrative Coaching Approach to Executive Coaching

The Integrative approach to Peak or High-Performance states Well-being, Transformation, Mastery and Inner Realization shows a strong resemblance to what many of both the modern and ancient leaders in the field of Consciousness describe. What Mihály Csíkszentmihályi terms the Flow state, Jung terms the process of individuation, what Sri Aurobindo calls supramentalization, Maslow calls self-actualisation and Ken Wilber describes as “an evolutionary model of growth and transformation”.

Through the use of inquiry and awareness both on the part of the coach and client, the client can become more integrated, balanced, whole and successful. By helping the client become aware of their True Nature, they are then able to live their unlimited potential.

Self Discovery in Executive Coaching

Self-discovery, Love and Learning are the Fundamentals of living a fulfilling life. You can tap into your Unlimited Potential by learning about your mind and how it works. This will allow you to achieve anything you desire. In our work together, we will learn about the conscious and unconscious mind. This is a crucial component of the integrative executive coaching process. It allows you to learn how to control and direct your mind and focus. This lets you control your outcomes. The integration of your conscious and unconscious mind is the key to the co-creation and evolution of your consciousness and your life.

Think about a few of the Wonders of Your Mind:

  • Your mind knows no limits. It adopts the limits you accept, both consciously and unconsciously.
  • There are neurons throughout the entire body. Every neuron is more complexly wired than all telephone networks on the planet.
  • We can make over 100 Billion possible neurological connections at a time.
  • 97% of all your perception and behaviour is decided before you consciously think about it.

Your Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind has been called the body’s mind, or the mind of the body. It manages and runs your body. Yes, all the complex activities going on inside you right now that you are not even thinking about! That is your unconscious mind at work. Every second of every day, your unconscious mind controls your breathing, heart function, digestion, and so much more! When you move a body part, you do it unconsciously. Yes, you might be aware of the movement, but you aren’t consciously instructing your nerves to fire or your muscles to contract and relax. This is your unconscious mind. When you think about everything the unconscious mind does for you every second, you realise just how much you already trust it. Your unconscious mind tells your body how to react to how you feel. Your body is an open book to your state of mind. A healthy body comes from having a healthy mind.

By adulthood, the body consists of close to 10 trillion cells. They combine and work together forming our tissue, organs and internal systems. Luckily we don’t need to control any of this. Our unconscious mind has been managing all these things since conception.

It stands to reason that what goes on in our minds affects our bodies and vice versa. When you feel good, you are in a resourceful state. When you feel healthy and happy, your thinking is different from when you angry or sad. By learning how your body and mind work together, you can increase your performance and better manage your resources.

Your unconscious mind manages and stores all your memories. It is helpful to understand how memories are stored. This will allow you to choose how to deal with them. First, we need to understand what memories are.

Information comes in through our five senses at about 400 Billion bits per second. Our unconscious mind filters that information down to 2000 bits per second. It uses our neural filters to delete, distort and generalize the incoming information. These neural filters are various programmes, such as values, beliefs and language. After all this filtering, we are left with about half a millionth of a per cent of the original information. That’s 0.000,000, 5%. That’s not much. Those two thousand bits of information are called your internal representation. Your internal representation of an event is the memory you store. In other words, your memory is not necessarily a detailed snapshot of what happened. It is your processed version of what happened. This explains why we can all have different experiences and tell different stories about the same event. 

We all didn’t experience it in the same way once our mind filtered it.

Your mind stores these memories or internal representations according to your timeline and your emotions. This means you have a memory of what happened and an emotion that you associate with that memory. All memories with unprocessed negative emotions stay that way until you resolve the negative emotion. You do this when you take from it the important lesson of the memory. Until then, these negative emotions harm your body. Yes, right now, these negative emotions are harming your body, even though the event happened in the past. An unprocessed negative emotion is key to unlocking and releasing the trapped energy inside it. It is also an indicator that you still need to learn something from that memory. 

This is why you can’t and shouldn’t run away from negative thoughts. You need to learn from them and integrate them into your consciousness.

How would you like to learn a skill to process all these unresolved negative emotions? Then you can begin to enrich your life and transform your past into wisdom, freedom, love and joy.

You need to do this. Why? Well, your internal representations determine how you feel. How you feel, determines your behaviour. Your behaviour produces the results you get in your life. Get it? Until you integrate your negative internal representations, you will not achieve the results in a life that you want and deserve. 

Your thoughts truly are the source of your life results. If you change your thinking, you will feel differently about the things in your life. This will enable you to respond differently, giving you more desired results. This doesn’t mean that you can just think your problems will disappear and they will. What I’m saying is this: when your thinking allows for outside influences to affect your ability to succeed, then you have given those outside things control over your mind. When they have control over your mind, they have control over your destiny. I will teach you how to train your mind to be in control with self-mastery. This will let you be in control. Over how you feel and your results in life.

There is a blueprint for perfect health. Your unconscious mind stores your current state of health. But it also has a blueprint for perfect health. You just have to access that blueprint. Studies show a clear connection between a person’s mental state and beliefs and his or her physical well-being.

As there are many legal and ethical issues around the diagnoses and treatment of diseases, I need to explain something. I need to make it very clear that I am not in any way whatsoever diagnosing or treating any disease or illness. I’m simply educating you on how your unconscious mind works, which just happens to control your body.

Re-Create Yourself

All our cells have a certain life span before they are replaced with new ones. For each organ and part of the body, the lifespan of the cells differ. Some are replaced in days while others, like your bones, take around 12 months to be replaced. Your unconscious mind is doing all of this all the time, rebuilding your body, cell by cell. It also has that blueprint for your perfect health. It should make sense then that a healthy mind will result in a healthier body, right?

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of learning about the unconscious mind. I trust that this will prompt you to learn more about yourself and ultimately empower yourself to have the life you want.

Your Conscious Mind

Integrating your conscious mind with your unconscious mind is paramount to success, harmony and balance. When there is a conflict between the consciousness and the unconsciousness, vast amounts of energy and resources are wasted. This energy could be put to much better use!

Your conscious mind is the director and the goal setter of your life. Yes, your unconscious mind stores learning and knowledge, but your conscious mind also learns. It accesses all the learning and knowledge and decides when and where to apply them. It also learns what acceptable behaviour in society is. It will regulate your behaviour as best as it can, regardless of what is going on inside you. Your conscious mind learns the difference between right and wrong. It learns how to apply these concepts. 

There are conflicts between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind. Maybe your conscious mind has learnt that it is good to make enough money to sustain the lifestyle you want. Your unconscious mind may not believe it is possible to make enough money for this. Well, since your unconscious mind produces 97% of your behaviour, you likely won’t have much success.

Your conscious mind must become aware of and be part of the process of any learning or information in the unconscious mind. This is achieved through integration. 

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