What Does an Executive Coach Do?

It can take anywhere from six months to a year to complete a coaching program. This can be determined depending on the circumstances. Coaches will start by getting to know their clients, and asking questions about their work environment, their histories, and their motivations. This is the first step to building intimacy and trust. 

Your progress is often quantified by executive coaches using a scoring system. Coaches ask questions and get feedback from colleagues to determine what strategies will be successful. They are looking for evidence of behaviour change as well as outcomes. 

Coaching sessions are characterized by periodic debriefings, where coaches tell you what they see and help you reflect on what you see and feel. A final interview is conducted at the end of the coaching process so clients and colleagues can compare the beginning of the journey to the results. Each step is outlined below.

Relationship Establishment

It is your coach’s goal to get to know you better during your first session. He/she will:

  • Determine your chemistry. 
  • Identify your goals. 
  • Agreements on confidentiality and working together should be established. 

Coaching Sessions

It’s typical for you to meet with your coach every two to three weeks, for a total of six to twelve meetings (on average). At each meeting, you will:

  • Monitor your progress
  • Keep up with any assignments you were given by your coach
  • Identify your current session’s goals
  • Get coaching and advice

In Between Sessions

You can apply what you learned from your coach when you are not with him or her. Your coach will hold you accountable at the next meeting. Ensure you:

  • Explore new ways of doing things
  • Observe the results
  • Record the actions you take, any reflections you make, and any outcomes
  • Don’t lose sight of your goals

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