What Are the Benefits of Executive Coaching?

Leaders are the core of any business, or at least, they should be. But, according to recent studies, at least 60% of organisations feel that their current leaders can’t carry the business into the future. 

To contend with these statistics, businesses are implementing a strategy to increase leader efficiency. A study was done on one of the Fortune 1000 companies and what they found was that nearly 50% of leaders that received Executive Coaching displayed an increase in work quality. This led to higher productivity and engagement, improving their efficiency in leadership roles. Executive Coaching also offers the sounding board leaders need to inspire and motivate their teams. 

Key Benefits of Executive Coaching

Improved Communication

Good communication skills allow people to connect. Executive Coaching enables leaders to determine how clear their communication is. Often, they realise that it’s not as apparent as they think. An Executive Coach will highlight which areas in communication need development and practice them with the client. They may also teach them how to communicate with individuals of various cultures, ages and personality types, so they can communicate effectively and improve their leadership abilities and credibility. 

Enhanced Performance

Targeting Executive Coaching to a client’s problem area makes a massive difference in abilities and attitude. It enables the client to learn and implement new techniques tailored to their vulnerabilities. These techniques suggest that the client refrains from using terms like “no”, “but”, or “however”. When answering questions with questions, it may unintentionally discourage staff from presenting new ideas. By avoiding these terms, individuals will respond better than they did before.


Executive Coaching empowers leaders to do outstanding work. A great coach can establish a beneficial relationship that reveals hidden weaknesses and strengths within the leader. To help leaders pinpoint their weaknesses and track their progress, goals are created. Reflective sessions with a qualified coach may help a client fully recognise their development and appreciate the effort they’ve put in to meet their goals. 

New Insight

Leaders gain a fresh perspective on day to day responsibilities from their Executive Coach. The coach drives them to recede and reflect when they are having a bad day or week, often revealing a deeper issue. Together, they uncover new insights into the client’s response by examining the problem and designing a plan for future situations. 

Free Thinking

Executive Coaching decreases narrow-minded thinking in leaders. By asking questions, a leader can widen their perspective and consider other views. This is beneficial to the leader because it encourages flexible leadership and provokes free thought. And flexible leadership is a business necessity since it allows fast, precise and creative decision making.

Reap the benefits of Executive Coaching and enrol your organisation today! For more information about the benefits of Executive Coaching or to book your complimentary session, get in touch with Integrative Coaching today!

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