You have the key within you to managing your stress. Let us help you discover it.

Do you lash out, hurting the people you love? Do you feel overwhelmed & feel like you are losing a never-ending battle? We are here to help give you the secret to stress management.

Why is stress management important?

Chronic stress levels have a real impact on mental health.
Do you feel stressed& overwhelmed? Do you suffer from negative thoughts? Do you feel anxious or lost or constantly worried?

Learning to manage and deal with anxiety, stress or depression is no easy feat. Yet, there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. While it might be challenging to face what feels like a big mountain to climb, we do have the power to transform our lives and find inner peace.

“You have the power to successfully manage stress and live a
fulfilling life.”

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Here’s what our clients have to say

“I have found the Warren Munitz’ cnline course to be very beneficial in my personal life and professional life, and even as a mother. The illustrations combined with audio are insightful, and q personal growth and meditation online course is convenient for my busy life, especially in times where I am not able to see my professional life coach one on one. I find it keeps me grounded, improves my decision making in general, and gives me a more holistic approach to my personal life. Spending a few minutes in my course daily, or even weekly clears out a lot of the clutter from my mind, and is helping me to relax more, focus more, achieve the quality meaningful life I aspire too, and move to the next level of my life.”
Cindy Nell-Roberts
Director Cosmetix/Public Personality, Former Miss South Africa
“Warren’s approach continues to have an extremely positive and lasting impact on my mind and in my life. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to manage their stress, expand their awareness of the inner dimension, experience inner peace and experience enlightenment.”
Manuel Koser
Founding Partner of Silvertree Capital and Co-founder of Zando
“With Warren’s guidance, I was able to encounter and discuss my deepest vulnerabilities without fear of judgment. Helping me to confront deep-seated beliefs with compassion and patience, Warren cultivated a space of immense trust. Warren does not believe in quick fixes, his method is real, raw, and life-changing – reaching into every aspect of your life. My view of the world and my place in it has completely changed for the better. I am immensely grateful for Warren and will forever cherish our sessions, it has been one of the best investments I have ever made.”
George Stander
“The coaching I received from Warren has led to the deepest and most meaningful introspection to date (I am not that young, so had tried a few times before), and to sweeping changes in my approach to life. This is no ordinary coaching where you are given tools and advice to deal with issues, case by case. This is an all-encompassing approach. My conversations with Warren and the generous guidance I received have radically changed my mental map. I am now aware that I am not alone facing the world. I am in the world, living life. I am connected at the core of myself, with the source of life, infinite, generous, compassionate, and with no judgment. The daily meditation practice becomes essential. It helps you reach the depths of your subconscious and beyond to tackle any perceived problems as they arise.”
Emmanuelle Gille
Chief Director of Institutional Development & Support Technical Consulting Services
“Warren has been instrumental in guiding me through an inward journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, and in gaining clarity on some fundamental issues which I’ve always struggled with. Where other channels and attempts have failed, Warren has managed to assist me in developing skills to deal with internal and external conflicts, stressful situations, and life’s daily challenges. I’d encourage anyone looking to make lasting meaningful life changes to seek guidance from Warren.”
Thania Khan
Medical Registrar (Doctor)
"Most of my life I perceived the world around me as cold, indifferent and hostile. I felt alone and scared most of the time. I did not feel that I belong in this world, being alive. I have tried very hard to make my life better and to make my sadness go away. My father tried to medicate me without success. I tried introspection on my own, but it felt like was going in circles of judgment, shame and guilt. I started to see a psychiatrist and psychologist and found some medication that seemed to work for me on certain levels, but still, the empty void got worse and worse. Aftera couple years of seeking medical treatment my doctors were happy with my progress and suggested that I can continue with the medication on my own."
Alberta Coetzee
Systems Analyst, Woolworths ITS
“I was drawn to this coach training programme following my own transformational journey with Integrative Coaching. I experienced first-hand the coaching approach and was fascinated by the transformation it had in all areas of my life. Through this programme I have discovered so much more about myself, my relationships with others, how to realise my own potential and how to help others realise their potential. The structure and content of this course is unlike any others, and because of this, it has been instrumental in developing my capacity and capability to become a professional life coach.”
Amanda Bullmore
Head of Talent & Employee Experience at JUMO.WORLD
“I initially started sessions with Warren because I had come to an end in the road, I could no longer help myself and everything I had tried was proving futile. A friend recommended Warren to me and I figured I had nothing to lose. All I knew was that I needed to change beliefs, behaviours and the trajectory I was on and I didn’t know how to do that on my own."
Anke Becker
Integrative Coach & NueroPhysics Therapist
“I highly recommend undertaking the coaching training as it will completely change your life. Warren and supporting coaches will guide and hold space for you whilst you learn how to navigate your conscious and unconscious mind, which will allow you to alleviate suffering as well as set yourself free from the past – mental structures, stored emotions or past events that keep repeating themselves in your mind. The training is not easy as you’re having to face yourself, come to terms with how much you’re projecting onto others, build a relationship with emotions and integrate subject matter by letting go of past versions of yourself. Whilst this is taxing and very challenging, it is well worth it if you want to live the best life possible.”
Barry Nortje
Integrative Coach
“Working with Warren has been a life changing experience, and has felt like a secret advantage at a time when I’ve really needed to show up for family, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders, not to mention myself. His approach helps you find an unending source of inner strength, happiness and compassion, which is something we could all do with. His coaching enables you to work through unresolved issues which may be blockers, and to live out a life of purpose and better fulfilment of your true potential. My relationships and life outlook have all changed for the better, and I’ve referred friends, family and peers to Warren, to experience this amazing shift for themselves.”
Aisha Pandor
CEO and Co-founder at SweepSouth

Ready to achieve inner peace?

Stress is a survival instinct; it’s your fight-or-flight (emotionally anger and fear) response to a perceived threat. Stress can be good when it motivates you, but bad if it wears you down. Your relationship with yourself and your emotions is what influences your perception of whether stress is good or bad.

Your opinions are formed through filters in your unconscious mind; your values, beliefs, past experiences, language, culture and decisions. What causes stress for one person, might not affect another person.

Did you know that stress is the cause of up to 90% of all doctor visits!

Some causes of stress:

  • Death of a spouse, child, close relative or friend
  • Getting married, separating or going through a divorce
  • Injury or illness
  • Work problems and financial concerns
  • Life milestones, ageing & retirement
  • Moving or buying a house

Our stress management techniques can help with:

  • Anxiety & depression
  • Headaches, back pain, & chest pain
  • Chronic fatigue & insomnia
  • Digestive problems & skin rashes
  • Building your immune system back to optimal health

Learn how to manage your stress, & enjoy a life of joy & fulfilment

An Integrative Coach will help you discover a process that is best suited to your personality and lifestyle, incorporating a wide range of practical techniques, such as hypnotherapy and meditation, that you can implement to manage stress on a day-to-day basis.

When we determine the origins of your stress, you can either remove it or learn to manage it. Strong stress management skills lead to emotional awareness and self-realisation which helps you overcome anxiety and achieve a higher level of happiness and satisfaction. Chronic stress can lead to many health related  problems.

Did you know that stress is the cause of up to 90% of all doctor visits!

Prolonged levels of chronic stress has a negative effect on our physical health, mental health and emotional health. While stress is unavoidable and a natural response, if we remain in the stressed state, chronic stress, eventually it starts to have an eroding effect on all areas of our life and can lead to serious health problems.

In order to manage stress, we need to learn how to disengage from the stress response and engage the relaxation response. Many people turn to addictive patterns of behaviour to manage their stress, which only makes things worse. While physical activity, a healthy diet and deep breathing can help to cope with stress, without dealing with the root cause it can feel like a never ending battle.

Effective management of stress is crucial to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Stress resilience is important if we want to enjoy this gift called life, so we must pay attention to learning how to relax and disengage from the stress response, and learn to engage the relaxation response. 

What is Stress Management?

Stress management is a wide range of practical techniques you can implement to manage stress on a day-to-day basis. These skills lead to emotional awareness and self-realisation which helps you overcome anxiety and achieve a higher level of happiness and satisfaction.

The most successful people often overcome anxiety and stress with the help of an Integrative Coach.

The Difference between Stress and Anxiety

Stress is your response to change and the pressures of daily life, while anxiety is your reaction to stress.

  • Anxiety can be triggered by stress and hangs around for a long time, causing significant impairments in the social, occupational and emotional areas of your life.
  • Stress can be positive or negative and is generally a short-term experience.

If you feel stressed or anxious, you will find great relief with stress interventions, but will require a deeper process to eliminate the root causes of these challenges.

Did you know that Stress can:

  • Make it more difficult to conceive.
  • Speed up the ageing process.
  • Increase your risk of stroke and heart attack.
  • Trigger addictive behaviours, for example, smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, and overeating.

Start your journey with us

Step 1

The Free Strategy Session

If you’re ready to get started and are interested in working with an Integrative Coach, our first step is to start off with your free Discovery/consultation session, which is usually 40 minutes. This is to establish whether you are comfortable and have chemistry with the coach as we place a great deal of importance on connection. We will also explore and identify your goals and challenges and gauge your willingness and readiness to engage in your journey. Book your discovery session, today.

Step 2

How Coaching Sessions Work

Once you and your coach have decided to work together, you will begin to develop an individualized plan that will best suit your personal growth and development needs on your coaching journey. Optimally this would be weekly sessions, of 50 minutes each, to create and maintain the momentum of sustained growth.

Step 3

Your Coaching Experience

Now that we’ve formalised and mapped out your coaching journey, it’s time to get stuck into the process. This requires that you learn how to expand your awareness, which will include your thoughts, emotions and beliefs that might be holding you back.

My 100% guarantee to you

I can’t tell you if you are at the right place to find what you are looking for.  Only you will know.  I can tell you that there is no quick fix and creating the life that you really want isn’t going to take a few months. If you want to build an exceptional life, then you need to be exceptionally committed to your goals.

Integrative Life Coaching will help you acquire the Mental and Emotional Mastery you need to Release, Process and Transform your Limiting Beliefs and Discover your Truth.

This process isn’t for everyone, and these changes don’t happen overnight.  But they do happen when you’re dedicated enough and have the right kind of life coach to support you in your journey to greatness. 

If after your session you feel that you have not received value, I will refund your session or give you a free session to make sure you received what you paid for! I guarantee that if you follow these steps to the letter, you will learn everything you need to transform your stress into inner peace.

Kind Regards,

Warren Munitz

"If you want to build an exceptional life, then you need to be exceptionally committed to your goals."

Frequently Asked Questions about Stress Management

Stress is a survival instinct; it’s your fight or flight response (emotionally anger and fear) to a perceived threat. Did ou know that change can also seem like a threat.

Stress is good when it motivates you, but bad if it wears you down. There are two main types of stress.

  • Eustress: “Positive” stress that is motivating and exciting.
  • Distress: “Negative” stress that is debilitating and destructive.

Your relationship with yourself and your emotions is what influences your perception of whether stress is good or bad. Your opinions are formed through filters in your unconscious mind; your values, beliefs, past experiences, language, culture and decisions. What causes stress for one person, might not affect another person. Stres reduction is crucial if we want to avoid serious health problems caused by chronic stress.

We will help you to discover for yourself the underlying stress in your body and mind, its root cause and the perceptions that follow it due to your unconscious mind interpreting reality based on your beliefs and current understandings. With a Stress Management Coach, you will:

  • Learn how to manage your emotions.
  • Understand how stress affects you physically and emotionally.
  • Identify which circumstances trigger your stress response.
  • Master meditation and breathe exercises for relaxation and stress relief.
  • Live a more purpose-driven life free from anxiety and depression.

By understanding the unconscious mind and how to unleash its potential, you will discover your authentic self.