Sanja Lutzeyer

Integrative Coach

Sanja began her journey of self-discovery and empowerment at the tender age of 18.

She attended numerous personal development courses, retreats and workshops.

When she had time and the finances she decided to embrace her yearning for self-actualisation, her spiritual awakening and the need for healing to find her calling.

Focusing on her corporate career, obtaining her PhD in Economics from an American University (NCSU), climbing the corporate ladder and enjoying financial freedom, yet only when Sanja’s health faltered, again, was she forced to take control of her own future, follow her passion and listen to her heart.

When researching different types of coaching, Integrative Coaching resonated, as it was client centered and draws from the wisdom of all the different psychological theories, and includes the soul and the spirit in the view of what it means to be a complete human being.

Integrative Coaching recommended their training, and after chatting with Warren, Sanja knew this was the journey she was going to take.

Sanja says that her “primary focus is the Voice, Movement and Art Exploration retreat.”

This is her pure joy!!

It was in 2011, that she rather reluctantly tried Freestyle Rapping after being coaxed into it by two young guys she was travelling with.

Since then, she has performed at festivals and says… “I have leveraged my background in life-coaching to facilitate groups of individuals in finding their voice and reconnecting to their true, creative self-expression”

For the last twenty years, she has engaged in a host of different trainings, retreats and personal development programs and courses.

As such, Sanja has learnt and trialed many different techniques and processes that she can now draw on depending on what the client needs.

Having studied philosophy and so many different forms of meditation, mindfulness, energy healing and sacred sexuality, this allows her to draw on different modalities as needed to assist those she helps as a INTEGRATIVE COACH.

  • Integrative Coach Training, Integrative Coaching, Cape Town
  • Ph.D., Economics (GPA: 4.0), North Carolina State University, Raleigh, March 2013
  • Honours, Economics (Cum Laude) University of Stellenbosch, 2007
  • BA, Politics, Philosophy & Economics (Cum Laude), University of Stellenbosch, 2006
  • Study Abroad, Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico, June – December 2005, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, January – April 2004