Rita Schoeman

Integrative Coach

Rita’s journey with Integrative Coaching started as a coach training student. After completing her coach training and certification with us, she embraced her calling as an Integrative Coach.

Rita’s decision to join the world of coaching was fueled by a deep-seated desire to support individuals in navigating their paths to self-discovery and authenticity. She is passionate about assisting clients to confront and integrate the aspects of themselves they may fear, guiding them towards a more whole and self-aware existence.

Her own path to Integrative Coaching was marked by significant personal challenges, including a period of profound loss and a search for meaning. Discovering Integrative Coaching became a turning point, offering her a sense of direction and purpose. Her connection with the community and alignment with its values reinforced her commitment to self-awareness & coaching.

Rita’s experiences, particularly those involving high-pressure environments and personal reckonings, have profoundly shaped her approach to coaching. They have instilled in her a deep empathy, resilience, and a focus on conscious choice-making. She is dedicated to supporting her clients through their “Lifequakes” helping them transform adversity into opportunities for growth and self realization.

At the heart of Rita’s coaching philosophy is her belief in the Integrative Approach, which considers the whole person. She champions the idea that acknowledging and integrating our fragmented parts can lead to profound healing and self acceptance.


  • Integrative Certified Coach
  • COMENSA Certified Coach
  • Diploma in Cost Management Accounting, Technikon Port Elizabeth