Relationship Coaching

Do you want a relationship where you feel content, where your partner inspires and supports you in everything you do? Do you want to be
loved and respected and have a fulfilling, intimate relationship? Do you want someone to respect and share the same values as you do?
Sounds great, doesn’t it? The truth is, relationships like this are rare.

Trust, Understanding & Communication

Relationships are like amplifiers; they magnify our experiences and can bring us even closer to our inner selves, especially the
unconscious aspects within. The main issue couples normally face is projecting personal values, beliefs and ideals onto one another. You
may think something is important, but the other person may not. You may also be projecting inner emotional feelings and experiences
onto your partner.

“Imagine that you could find out what is important to your partner and how to process emotions so that
you’re both open free to be yourselves?”

At Integrative Coaching, we work with you to gain greater
understanding, improve communication, and discover how to
resolve relationship issues in a way that will help both of you
grow and connect. We will help you discover which values are
important for each of you in the context of the relationship, and
we will explore the process of the unconscious feelings that
usually trip you up. Once you both have this knowledge, you
will enjoy aligning your values and relationship goals, and you
both can move towards improving the intimacy and depth of
your relationship.

There is no magic pill nor the perfect relationship.
Relationships are intricate and different from person to person,
and the journey to growth and understanding is long and
important. If you want to transform your life and relationships,
real growth and change takes time.
If you are working on your relationship with a partner, then we
would need to work with you individually and together to
create the relationship you both want. If you are working on
attracting the right partner for yourself, we will focus on this in
your private sessions.