Recommended Reading

We’ve curated a reading list to help you and guide you along your journey with us. From the art of meditation, to tips for relaxing and understanding the infinite self, this list is just the tip of the iceberg of our full extensive bibliotherapy coaching book list. It will help to equip you as you actualize your greatest potential and create joy and meaning for yourself and others.

Take your time and select the one that most speaks to you at the moment. Don’t try rush through reading them all either. The idea with a process like bibliotherapy coaching is to slowly engage with content that will open you up to different layers of curiosity and understanding, to probe your awareness of these layers. It is not about accumulating intellectual knowledge, this will not help you, but more than likely just get in the way. 

Choose wisely and then allow the information to percolate, you can even bring what comes up for you to our coaching sessions. Remember your process of revealing deeper layers of yourself to you is not easy and will take time. Our defense mechanisms are very strong and have ways of counteracting you trying to dissolve them. 

Happy reading.

The Alchemist