Psychedelic Integration

What is psychedelic integration therapy?

Explore & discover
more about your
unconscious mind

At Integrative Coaching, we offer a variety of psychedelic therapy
services in order to assist you on your journey towards a deeper
understanding of yourself. If you are looking to explore and discover
more about your unconscious mind and unveil your perceived reality,
then psychedelic integration can help you understand and
contextualize what you’ve experienced with psychedelics and
integrate it into your life.

“Just relax and float downstream.”

A sacred journey

There are many people who have had psychedelic experiences
in their life. Most perhaps have been in a non-supportive and/or
recreational manner. These experiences if left fragmented, can
be difficult to understand.

Often people talk about “bad trips” that end up causing more
harm if left unchecked. There is actually no such thing as a
“bad trip”, these are just experiences that have happened in an
unsupportive space and have not been integrated. Usually
these so-called “bad trips” can be the most transformative
once they have been integrated properly into the individual’s

Disclaimer: We do not use or endorse the illegal use, sale, or
purchase of psychedelic substances. Please do not reach out
to us with requests to buy or find illegal psychedelic

Frequently Asked Questions about Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelics (also known as serotonergic hallucinogens) that help to activate altered states of consciousness. They are considered powerful psychoactive substances which have the effect of altering perception, mood and other cognitive processes. These substances are actually considered physiologically safe and do not lead to dependence or addiction. Many psychedelics are illegal worldwide but have recently become more available under very specific and strict research contexts that have proven very effective in treating many mental health issues. The origins of psychedelics predate written history and have been used by early cultures in ritual contexts since the dawn of mankind.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is a type of practice used to legally administer a psychedelic substance to an individual to help alter their state of mind in a controlled environment. This type of treatment is used to not only treat a range of mental health conditions, but to assist people in expanding their mind and bring awareness to conscious and unconscious structures and help them quickly reframe old patterns of belief.

Psychedelic integration is the process of integrating previous psychedelic experiences that may not have been completely processed. Often those experiences are considered “bad trips” and are merely unconscious content that as emerged into consciousness which the individual’s belief system is resisting in some way. An integration process of these aspects can be facilitated by allowing a safe and non-judgemental environment to allow those aspects to surface experientially and mix with the conscious awareness. This is done through the integrative approach, including but not limited to breathwork, hypnotherapy and presence exercises.

When administered in a safe and controlled environment, with an individual that is open to the experience and how it can help, psychedelic-assisted therapy can be used to assist with various conditions such as:

  • Harm reduction and integration
  • Growth and healing
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Substance abuse and addiction

Please note the disclaimer on the main page. The reminder here is that while psychedelic-assisted therapy can be very helpful, it is still illegal in many countries.