Psychedelic Integration

A journey
towards a deeper

At Integrative Coaching, we offer a variety of psychedelic therapy
services in order to assist you on your journey towards a deeper
understanding of yourself. If you are looking to explore and discover
more about your unconscious mind and unveil your perceived reality,
then psychedelic integration can help you understand and
contextualize what you’ve experienced with psychedelics and
integrate it into your life.

“Just relax and float downstream.”

A sacred journey

There are many people who have had psychedelic experiences
in their life. Most perhaps have been in a non-supportive and/or
recreational manner. These experiences if left fragmented, can
be difficult to understand.

Often people talk about “bad trips” that end up causing more
harm if left unchecked. There is actually no such thing as a
“bad trip”, these are just experiences that have happened in an
unsupportive space and have not been integrated. Usually
these so-called “bad trips” can be the most transformative
once they have been integrated properly into the individual’s

Disclaimer: We do not use or endorse the illegal use, sale, or
purchase of psychedelic substances. Please do not reach out
to us with requests to buy or find illegal psychedelic