NLP Coaching

A transformative
& breakthrough experience

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach to personal
development first created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the
1970s. NLP is an extremely powerful approach to communication,
personal development, and psychotherapy. It describes the dynamics
between mind and language and how they affect your body and
behaviours. In other words, it’s a way you can use your perception
(neurology) and language to create the results you want.

Through NLP, your unconscious mind might become more encouraged
to be open about the problems you’re facing or past experiences you’ve
kept buried.

“Change your mindset. Change your life.”

NLP therapy is one of the tools we use to help you change the
connection between your neurological processes, language and
behavioural patterns, which you’ve learned through
experiences, to achieve specific goals in life.

Change your perceptions & behaviour
Once you’ve detected your unconscious limiting beliefs, you can
set out to change your perceptions and behaviour to access
happiness and growth as you stop repeating the same old
habits that no longer serve you.

Connect your conscious & unconscious minds
The unconscious mind is a potent part of you; it’s the place
where all your memories, habits, thoughts and behaviours live.
When your whole self is aligned, conscious and unconscious,
you can erase your limiting beliefs and take action to transform
your life.

The NLP Coaching Process:

  • Unpack your history
  • Look at your core-focus-filter
  • Unpack your beliefs & values
  • Accept negative memories & feeling
  • Change the responses & behaviours that no longer serve you

During the NLP process, you might look at reality, based on
what your history, culture, values and beliefs dictate, and then
delete, distort and generalise your focus so you can train your
unconscious mind to react differently to certain situations.