Mental Mastery

What is Mental Mastery and Why is it important?

Utilise mental mastery
to transform negative experiences
into useful life lessons

The social construct and ever elusive notion of happiness more often than not can leave us feeling despaired, anxious and ironically, unhappy. We run towards an invisible finish line, believing that the next job, a new promotion, a new car or house, and more money will make us happy.

While this might be a very common experience, we often forget that true happiness lies within us, we just need to direct our attention inwards, learning from each moment without judgment. We create our state of being in every moment based upon our mental focus, on both a conscious and unconscious level.

In life, we have both positive and negative emotions, and most of the time we believe that experiencing a negative emotion is in itself, a negative experience and an emotion that we should suppress. However, if we avoided everything that made us uncomfortable, we wouldn’t grow at all. Avoiding or suppressing these negative emotions takes energy, it takes strength and effort. Suppression can lead to further complications such as depression and a whole range of other “dis-eases”.

Instead of hiding from these negative experiences, mental and self-mastery can help you learn how to relate to them in your own way, by integrating them into your consciousness. At Integrative Coaching, we want to help you regain control of your life, to take ownership of each present moment by accessing and accepting your emotions, and directing your mental focus.

If you are unsure of what you can gain from achieving mental and emotional mastery, take a moment, ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly.

  • Do you struggle with anger issues?
  • Are you racked with guilt?
  • Do you constantly live in fear or dread?
  • Do you have deep feelings of sadness?
  • Do you have a phobia of any kind?
  • Do you have low self-esteem?
  • Do you have bad habits or behaviours you want to change?
  • Do you wonder why you don’t get different results in life?
  • Does it feel like you’re all alone?
  • Do you wonder what your life purpose is?
  • Do you want to be more successful?
  • Do you always feel stressed?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety?
  • Do you want to finally put the past behind you?
  • Do you struggle to love yourself unconditionally?

Mental Mastery

To take control over the rest of your life, you must learn mental and emotional mastery. This has the very real experience of changing how you perceive and interact with the world you find yourself in. It can change every aspect of your life.

You will need to commit to the process, that is how you will reach the highest level of mental and emotional mastery. Through the Integrative Approach you will gain tools that will grow with you, and with practice you will get better and better at using them.

Life will become Fun, Exciting, Interesting and full of Joy and Purpose again. 

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