Manka Bajaj

Integrative Coach

Manka joined Integrative Coaching in 2019 and is certified by COMENSA. She has ten years of experience working for the United Nations and has a Masters degree from Sciences Po, Paris. Manka combines energetic healings, meditations, mantras and breathwork in her coaching programmes to help clients reach breakthroughs. She advocates for meditation over medication where possible. Manka is from India and is also a certified international Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher. She leads retreats and teaches online to a diverse community across Africa, Asia and UK.

In Kenya, she has taught at Watamu Treehouse, Kisima Festival in Kilifi, Yoga Cafe in Nairobi and for the Indian High Commission. Certified by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), Manka is among the new generation of teachers trained for the Aquarian Age. Her work specialised in aligning the heart with the womb and the throat.

So many of us walk through the world looking outside of ourselves for direction. Manka works with clients on becoming the authority of themselves. She believes that honing the skill of resourcing our own truth from inside of ourselves, rather than those around us, is the single most important skill we can have. Through this, we trust. Through this we know we have every answer inside of ourselves that we possibly need. She helps clients resource their own truth from the wisdom of their bodies and build self-trust Her aim is to help clients move from guilt and shame to higher frequency of love so that they become magnetic. 

  • Integrative Coach Training, Integrative Coaching, Cape Town
  • Masters degree from Sciences Po, Paris
  • Certified international Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher