Life Coaching Rates South Africa: Is It Worth It to Hire a Life Coach?

So you’ve heard the term life coaching being thrown around a lot lately but you’re not sure of what a life coach really does, whether you need one and if it would be worth the investment. 

A life coach isn’t the same as a psychologist. Psychologists diagnose and treat emotional and mental disorders whereas a life coach helps people that are mentally healthy to improve their lives. A personal life coach can help you discover your authentic self by:

  • Affirming values and strengths in your personal and professional life
  • Helping you create a more mindful and balanced life
  • Igniting passion and encouraging creativity
  • Assisting you in overcoming fears and limiting beliefs
  • Helping you develop healthy, deep relationships
  • Integrating permanent change

Life coaching has no strict set of rules and is not about treating severe psychological issues. It compromises principals from several other fields. As a client (not patient) you’ll be treated according to your unique needs. Below are some fast facts regarding life coaching in South Africa

Different Coaches Specialise in Different Fields

You can get a life coach to improve any of these areas of your life:

  • Finance
  • Relationships (partners, co-workers, family and friends)
  • Career
  • Traumas (like death or divorce)
  • Business leadership
  • Health and wellness

A Life Coach Won’t Solve Your Problems

Instead, they will guide you and give you the right tools so you can solve them yourself. Your coach will help you with accountability, but not with anything you don’t agree with. While constructively challenging you, they will help you see different perspectives. You will receive an unmatched level of encouragement and support.

You Need Certification to Become a Life Coach in South Africa

Not just anyone can decide to become a life coach in South Africa. You have to study and there are several requirements for opening your own practice. So you can rest assured that the coaching you receive will be legitimate. 

Life Coaching Rates South Africa

Is life coaching worth it? Absolutely! You will benefit significantly from hiring a personal life coach! A personal life coach can assist you by providing the structure for your self-discovery. You have nothing to lose but plenty to gain, like living a life you absolutely love! Your personal life coach will listen to you, question and challenge you as well as encourage you to discover your true self. 

To find out how much it will cost to hire a personal life coach, feel free to contact Integrative Coaching today. The first session is on us. We look forward to helping you live a happy and fulfilling life.