This Is How You Can Take Back Control of Your Life Right Now

Benefits of life coaching

Stress has become rampant in recent years and part of the daily life of nearly every individual. Even more so during the last few months due to this Covid pandemic. With economies in shambles and people left jobless, stress levels are high. 

The reality is that if you don’t confront it, you might end up with chronic stress or even burnout, stripping away every single coping resource you might have – mental, physical and emotional. This can cause severe health problems including depression and stroke.

To manage stress, you have to be in control of your attitude and state of being. Feeling overwhelmed and out of control will only increase your stress levels. Every time you think or say “I can’t cope with this” or “I can’t handle this”, your fight-or-flight response turns into high gear. With executive stress coaching, you will learn the skills to control stress reactions and triggers which will help you realize that you can cope.

What Causes Stress?

The brain wasn’t built for the stress of the world we live in today. Stress is a byproduct of the brain that reacts to everything that oppresses capability to cope with as if you’re dying. What’s real is the pressure, but the alarm is false unless you are in real danger physically.

Stress isn’t caused by a stressful event or by something somebody says or does. It’s how we perceive, interpret, the event and what we think about it that clouds our ability to cope with it and feeds the stress. But, we can change our reactions by changing the narrative we believe about stress.

The effects of stress were never meant to last longer than it does to get out of a dangerous situation because it threatens your health by increasing bad cholesterol and suppressing the immune system.

Stress can readily put you in a position where you’re conditioned to react to every little thing. Executive coaching can teach you stress management techniques where you’ll learn to stop allowing stress to control your life. The relationship built with your executive coach creates a safe space to take stock of your life so you can come up with ways to cope and reclaim serenity.

Stress management coaching can assist you with the following:

  • Determine the source of your stress
  • Reduce the occurrence of stressful situations
  • Learn how to be mindful
  • Seek solutions for your problems
  • Adopt calming techniques like meditation

Physical Effects of Stress

Your body suffers when stress overtakes your life. High-stress levels at work or in your personal life are detrimental to your health. Stress shuts down digestion and suppresses your immune system, making you receptive to various health issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue and even coronary heart disease; many studies show the correlation between stress and heart attacks.

Did you know that you have the power to completely eradicate the effects of stress in your life? Stress management coaching will give you the skills you need to keep stress from adversely affecting you. It will teach you various reliable ways to manage your stress and nurture a new frame of mind – halting the reaction with a positive thought instead of getting upset.

Identifying your stress triggers will be another big part of the coaching process to ensure that you make the necessary changes in your life and remove negativity once and for all.

Executive Coaching Can Help You Master the Act of Becoming Unbusy

Executive coaching for stress management will help you tame your busy lifestyle. You will learn to allow yourself the necessary downtime to recover instead of pushing yourself harder, ultimately becoming less productive and burning out. Stress is a vicious cycle – the more you fall behind, the more stressed you become.

Developing a daily life plan that allows for enough downtime can be achieved with executive coaching. Resting doesn’t mean giving up, it simply allows for a chance to renew by making your physical and emotional needs a priority. When you take care of your needs, you can invite serenity into your life.

It can be really hard to fix what’s broken in your life when you are overwhelmed by stress. Executive coaching for stress management will provide you with tangible actions you can take whenever you feel stressed. Professional coaches can offer various tips like breathing techniques, visualization, positive affirmations and mindset reframes to help slow down your stress response.

Stress management coaching can help you improve:

  • Your strenuous daily schedule
  • Negative thoughts that stir up unrelenting emotions
  • Angry reactions and outbursts

Once you’ve resolved your stress-related issues, you’ll be able to:

  • Feel better
  • Relax more
  • Repair and grow relationships
  • Have increased time for activities that inspire
  • Succeed even more

Do Executive Coaches Offer Other Services?

Executive coaches place their focus on self-mastery, actions and accountability to achieve the desired results. They meet the client where they are at that moment in their lives. Life coaches can wear many hats – motivational speaker, consultant, therapist and friend. They work with all types of people like the average Joe, entrepreneurs, managers and more. It is the job of an executive coach to help people define and achieve their life goals whether personal or career-related.

Why Is Life Coaching So Effective?

Executive coaching works for various reasons:

  • The partnership between the coach and client builds drive and enthusiasm.
  • Goals that naturally motivate the client are set.
  • The client becomes successful due to developing new skills

Executive coaching offers a support structure. People tend to have good intentions at the start projects but the moment we hit a bump in the road, it can derail us entirely and cause delays which then demotivate us. With the help of an Executive Coach, you can push through these minor challenges and accomplish your goals with less of a struggle.

An executive coach can be viewed as a positive and objective supporter. Many people don’t have the luxury of having a family member, colleague or friend to provide this. For anyone who’s been going at it alone, think about how much you can achieve with the guidance of a life coach.

Why Do I Need Help to Reach My Goals?

We’ve been taught that the keys to a life of success, happiness and wealth lie in hard work and doing it on your own. The general belief is that you have to sacrifice something to accomplish your life goals. Some people sacrifice their relationships, their time to enjoy life or their health. But this sacrifice isn’t always what you think it is! You can have everything you want, maybe not all right now, but it is possible.

With executive coaching, you’ll learn that you don’t have to sacrifice the things they love to achieve your goals. While it’s true that you’ll need to make some adjustments, clients find that when working with an accredited life coach, they have more time with their loved ones, more opportunities, more money and more success at work.

Common Misconceptions about Executive Coaching

Now that you know what an executive coach does, it’s time to bust some myths people still believe. Here are the common ones:

#1 Executive Coaching Requires No Training and Anyone Can Be a Life Coach

This is completely false. A professional life coach must possess the right skills and expertise to ensure they can properly navigate where their clients are, while at the same time being able to encourage and motivate them to their highest potential. They need to determine and solve core issues that need immediate attention in every case. Integrative Coaches have various levels of training to become a master coach and have the skills needed to assist in transforming your life. What’s more, Integrative Life Coaches are people who can demonstrate success in their own lives.

#2 Executive Coaching Is Therapy without a License

Therapy typically delves into your past and diagnoses you, where life coaching is focused on your current situation and future. Executive coaching takes your present reality and looks for ways to improve your future outcomes. A life coach won’t diagnose you since they aren’t health professionals.

#3 Executive Coaching Is Only for People Who Can’t Succeed on Their Own

Coaching isn’t necessarily for people who can’t solve their problems. People who wish to improve their performance – whether to make more meaningful personal connections, trying to advance in your job or improve their experience of life. The most successful individuals find executive coaching beneficial and you will most often find that the most successful individuals have an executive coach.

#4 Executive Coaches Allow You to Vent and then Give Advice

While a life coach must have great listening skills; professional coaching is not about giving advice. High-quality coaching will offer unique solutions for every scenario and help you implement them in their daily life. Life coaches offer unbiased and objective opinions about your blind spots, possible opportunities and how you can accomplish your goals.

Stress can attack any person and thrives on not being challenged. With Executive Coaching, you can take the right steps toward a more fulfilling and happier life. Speak to the team at Integrative Coaching to book your first (free) session today.

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