Is There a Demand for Life Coaches in South Africa?

If you are considering a career as a life coach, now might be the right time. Although this field is relatively unknown, it is rapidly growing, so now might be the right time. A variety of excellent online life coaching courses and resources can help you learn more about this career choice.

People often need a bit of help staying on track as their lives become increasingly complex. A life coach is someone clients can turn to for guidance and advice on how to reach their goals. As a once-obscure career path, it has grown significantly in recent years.

To attract clients looking for specific goals, many coaches specialize in niche areas. Relationships, well-being, spirituality, family, image, career, business and leadership are some of these areas.


Universities around the world are adding life-coaching programs to their curricula to keep up with this growing career path. Getting started in the field doesn’t require a degree, but professionals with one can be more competitive than those with no formal training. Many psychologists make a career change into life coaching because of their in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and experience working one-on-one with patients.


Having a positive impact on others’ lives is one of the many benefits of working as a life coach. By applying the strategies for the success he teaches clients to his own life, the coach can also improve himself. His schedule is flexible as he sets his own hours and only accepts appointments during a specific time period. 

Coaching Methods

Typically, clients meet with a life coach once a week for 30 minutes to an hour. Coaches use various methods to conduct the sessions. To better cater to their clients’ needs, many coaches offer in-person and online videoconferencing sessions. It is often the case that coaches offering virtual sessions gain clients from other cities and even countries, expanding their reach further.

Is There a Demand for Life Coaches?

The reason you are asking is probably that you are considering becoming a life coach, and in all fairness, whatever your circumstances, right now could be the best time to start your new career.

Become a part-time or full-time life coach by learning online at your own pace. Start by enrolling in a life coaching course at Integrative Coaching. For more information or if you need help enrolling, get in touch with the team today.