Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Look beyond your
perceptions and beliefs
and discover unlimited

Our experience of reality is based on what we perceive reality to be. Our minds are continually hypnotising us into believing what we’ve unconsciously chosen to accept as true, and this “truth” then becomes stronger over the years.

Here’s an example – over time, you’ve learned to believe that you are a particular type of person or that you have a specific set of skills and limitations. However, if you want to grow, you must allow yourself to believe that you can improve and remove these restrictions or addictions that are holding you back from fulfilling your potential.

Hypnotherapy facilitates the process of transformation that an individual may desire. It can help you reframe your thoughts, change destructive patterns, overcome irrational fears and phobias as well as aid you in resolving and integrating suppressed emotions.

Hypnosis can be used for a variety of reasons:

  • Weight loss
  • Increasing confidence
  • Stop smoking
  • Overcome phobias
  • Help with PTSD
  • Reduce depression and anxiety
  • Overcome addictions
  • Improve memory
  • Overcome insomnia

Benefits Of Hypnotherapy:

  • Learn to recognise and disarm triggers that lead to destructive behaviours
  • Use your mind more powerfully, with increased concentration and focused attention
  • Improve sleep and help with insomnia
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Can be a highly effective pain management tool

Our Approach to Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is used as part of our Integrative Coaching approach to enable changes at the deepest levels of your unconscious, confronting root causes of unhappiness, resulting in a real and lasting transformation.

We use hypnosis in an integrative way, as one of the many tools to help you resolve the root causes of your troubled and anxious mind, providing you with the support needed to break free from what’s keeping you stuck.

Kindly take note, using hypnotherapy to assist you should only be completed with a
professional coach who has years of experience in the practice of hypnotherapy.