How To Stop Being Consumed By Fear And Start Being Brave

Fear is a valid emotion to have. When you are afraid of a real threat, your body reacts in a certain way. Your fight or flight mode activates, causing adrenalin to pump through your body. Fear gets you out of danger. But what if there is no real threat? What if your body perceives potential danger where there is none?

Fear and anxiety are commonly linked. Fear is an emotion triggered by real danger, whereas anxiety is an emotion created from perceived danger not present in that moment. There is a big difference.

While fear is a natural response, anxiety is the byproduct of our inner conflict and insecurities which means we have it in our power to change it. But this is all really semantics. The experience of fear is real, whether we call it anxiety or we call it fear. It is the perception of the danger that is the real issue.

Personal Development: Master Your Thoughts and Free Yourself from Fear

There can not be anxiety in the present moment. It stems from fear of the past or the future. Living in the present moment is the only remedy for fear and anxiety.


How does one live in the moment? By managing your thoughts and emotions. Of course, we all have unwanted emotions and thoughts pass through our minds. We are only human. But it is our choice how we react to them and if we let them dictate our lives.

How to Take Control of Your Thoughts and Emotions


Meditation gives you the chance to move beyond thought. You merely become an observer when you are present and aware of your thoughts, during meditation.


Expressing affirmations are an excellent way to train your brain to let go of negative thoughts, fear and anxiety. Positive affirmations repeated daily can become new beliefs. But they also help to focus the mind, which is a little bit of preparation for deeper meditation.


Starting and ending your day with gratitude can change your entire outlook on life. Feeling and showing gratitude moves your focus from a place of deficit to one of surplus.

No one expects you to walk the journey of self-discovery alone. At Integrative Coaching, we can help you master your thoughts so you can stop living in fear. Book your free session with one of our expert coaches today!