How To Rewire Your Brain And Become More Focused

Are you struggling to focus on work or life in general? Having a bad day now and then is not the end of the world, but losing focus on what is important in life can spiral downward pretty fast and be detrimental to your success.

In the quest to sharpen your focus, you have probably come across many articles about meditation, leaving you asking the question: Does meditation work? And the answer is a resounding YES!

How Meditation Can Reprogram Your Brain

Meditation is a simple mindfulness practise for mastering the habit of becoming more present in the moment, resulting in more life satisfaction, productivity and increased focus.

You have heard the expression “practice makes perfect”, and it could not be more accurate with meditation. When we repeat an activity like physical exercise, we train our muscles to behave a certain way. It is the same with meditation. The more we meditate, the more we strengthen the neural connections in the brain. These changes happen at the cellular level and are visible on fMRI scans.

Research has proven that the brain, once thought to be static, is completely untrue. Our brain continues to develop throughout our lives. Cells grow and build connections to create more communication pathways – also known as neuroplasticity.

As we practice something new like daily meditation, the cells that transmit information about the task become more efficient. Meditation teaches you to regulate your body, mind, senses and breathing. You might discover that training your mind to focus is not as challenging as anticipated. But, it does require practice.

To grow the communication pathways in your brain that supports focus and attention, try to meditate a few minutes every day. Start slow and work your way up to 10 minutes a day consistently. You will be surprised by the effects on your emotions, mood and ability to focus.

At Integrative Coaching, we have helped thousands of people incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives, and we can help you too. The Integrative Coaching Academy offers a self-paced online training course, teaching you how to better understand and master your emotions through meditation. This course will help you increase your focus and harness the power of your mind. Alternatively, book a session with one of our executive coaches today!


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