How to Become a Life Coach: Can I Be a Life Coach Without Certification?

The greatest thing about self-discovery is that it gives you the ability and opportunity to pay it forward. There are people right now learning the same lessons you’ve learned along the way. And who better to help them on their journey than someone with experience?

The reasons people become life coaches may include the flexibility of their jobs or financial security, and these are both valid reasons, but they shouldn’t be the only ones. Life coaches are usually motivated to help people. Your authenticity will be compromised without this element.  

People have more respect for people who have been through what they’re going through and made it to the other side alive. Think about it: How can I trust your marriage advice if you have never been married before? Now we’re not saying you have to have every experience your clients have. We’re saying it’s easier if you choose a focus area that’s close to your heart. It will make you an excellent life coach if you do.

A career in life coaching can be extremely rewarding and might just give you the flexibility you’ve always wanted. If you’ve ever thought about a career in life coaching, there are a few things to consider before you start your journey.

You Have to Be Enlightened

Everyone faces challenges, but you can’t help others if you can’t even help yourself. So before you jump into a career in life coaching, make sure you know how to navigate your struggles.

Take a Life Coaching Course

Choose a niche because if you don’t you’ll be invisible. Specialise in a specific area such as relationships, finance, weight loss or career and take a course accordingly. Integrative Coaching offers life coach training and can help you make an informed decision as to which kind of lifestyle coach you should be. 

Don’t Quit Your Job Yet

Lifestyle coaching is an excellent transition career to pursue. It will take time to build a practice. If you quit your job too soon, you might be setting yourself up for failure. 

Work Hard at Establishing Your Brand

It might mean that you’ll have to work for free to start with but getting your name out there is crucial. Social media is powerful – use it!

Practise Makes Perfect

To gain people’s trust, you have to be confident. And to get confidence, you need to see as many people as you can. 

Can I Be a Life Coach Without Certification?

Despite its rapid growth, life coaching isn’t regulated by any state or federal authority. It requires no licensing. Almost anyone can pursue this career. However, earning certification allows others to see it’s an occupation you’re serious about. So, to answer your question: can I be a life coach without certification? Yes, you can be, but certification will take your career to the next level. 

Integrative Coaching offers three levels of life coach training. Integrative Coach Certification (IC), Integrative Professional Coach Certification (IPC) and Integrative Master Coach Certification (IMC). Each level requires a minimum of two years to complete. We are COMENSA-accredited. 

In these courses, you’ll learn about the Integrative Coaching approach, meditation and instruction, theory and techniques, relationship coaching, transpersonal psychology theory, business coaching, psychotherapy theories and practices and much more. 

Get in touch with Integrative Coaching and speak to Warren Munitz. An assessment will be done to determine whether you qualify to be a life coach. Once you’re accepted, you can start with your course.