How Does Life Coaching Work?

The goal of a life coach is to create a pathway for individuals who are struggling to reach set goals. Coaches act as unbiased thinkers and hold their clients accountable by holding weekly or biweekly one-hour sessions, whether it is for work, personal, or family issues.

In the coaching process, imagination, productivity, and leadership are often released that were previously unexplored. A more detailed description of the Integrative Coaching process is given below:


Getting to know yourself is the first step in Life Coaching. Assess your strengths, personalities, values, and vision for your life. We can create lasting change when we clearly understand what you want and have specific goals in mind.

Identifying Obstacles

We examine the obstacles that have held you back from making the changes you desire during this step of coaching. These obstacles can come from within, such as limiting core beliefs or ineffective approaches. There are times when obstacles outside of yourself must be overcome for you to move forward.


A strategic plan can be made once you understand who you are, what you want to achieve, and the obstacles that stand in your way. To overcome obstacles – both internal and external – this plan usually involves learning new strategies. You get better results when you learn how to do things differently.

Accountability and action

As we progress through the action phase, you’ll understand exactly what to do. Each coaching session will include a new task that needs to be completed. Until you learn how to keep yourself motivated, your life coach serves as your accountability partner.


Finally, you become your own life coach. Using the knowledge you gained from our work, you continue independently on the upward spiral of success that we have helped you achieve.

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