How Does Executive Coaching Work?

Executive Coaching is a very effective career development tool. Much like having a professional mentor, but better. In the past, executive coaching was primarily for senior executives, but it’s quickly changing and becoming more accessible to anyone who wants to advance their career, no matter the level. If you’re wondering how executive coaching works, then keep reading. But first, let’s explore what executive coaching is and isn’t.

Executive Coaching Is Not Magic

It’s true, no one knows what it’s like to be us, but we also can’t see ourselves objectively. A great executive coach will give you the perspective you need to make the necessary changes in your career or personal life, so you can be more successful. Learning how to manage your feelings and thoughts will change the levels of stress you feel daily and how they affect you in the long run. 

Executive Coaches also guide you on navigating tricky situations with your peers, staff and managers. With this knowledge, you may suddenly realise why you’ve been struggling, which will empower you to find a solution rather than feeling stressed out.

You Get To Make The Rules

An Executive Coach can help you understand which rules you should follow and which ones are ok to break. This invaluable insight will allow you to quickly see your options regarding career development outside your current scenario so you can make better choices. With more confidence in your chosen direction, doors will start to open for you. 

A coach’s guidance and tools can help you find constructive ways to handle conflict with key staff people, your boss or other challenging relationships you might have. You will determine which of the judgements and assumptions you make about yourself are complicating your relationships and discover ways to reframe or release them.

Does Executive Coaching Work?

Is it possible to succeed without an executive coach? Sure! But, hiring a coach will save you time and unnecessary stumbles along the way. It doesn’t mean you can just sit back and relax while the coach does all the work. Similar to a coach on the sports field, they provide guidance, but the athletes need to do the footwork. You will still need to change behaviours and build the skills needed for success. That said, an executive coach will help you reach your goals faster. 

Recent studies have found that executive coaching had a positive impact on individual wellbeing, skills and performance, work attitude, coping, and goal-driven self-regulation. They determined that executive coaching is an effective intervention in business organisations.

It’s clear that executive coaching can be highly beneficial to anyone who wants to further their career and become the best version of themselves. If you’re interested in executive coaching for yourself or your business, why not book a complimentary session with an Integrative Coach. Let us help you realise your career objective and goals. Call us today!