How Do I Choose a Life Coach?

People can find fulfillment in life by working with life coaches who can help them establish and achieve their dreams, break down mental barriers, create and nurture loving relationships, and improve their physical and mental health. As there are so many different topics to choose from, most life coaches choose a niche they are passionate about.

A life coach’s role is to help you identify the obstacles holding you back from attaining your personal and professional goals. Together, you will develop a plan of action to achieve your goals.

If you want your coaching to be successful, you need to pick a professional who matches your personality and has the ability to deliver the right type of coaching depending on your life stage.

How Do I Choose a Life Coach?

Coaching is available in many forms, including career coaches, relationship coaches, and spiritual coaches, among others. There are some qualities to look for in a life coach depending on the area of your life you want to focus on. Look for these characteristics in a life coach:


Coaching is all about achieving lasting results. Work with a coach who will help you set the right metrics for success – and you will achieve all your goals.

Strategic Thinking 

Every person is unique, so you’ll need a coach who can help you develop a personalized path that addresses your limiting beliefs, to achieve your desired outcome. A coach that can think out of the box will be a wise choice. 

Good Listening Skills

A life coach who is willing to listen and understand you is, more likely to be able to help you reach your life goals. Coaching is all about you and finding a way to achieve your goals. Find a coach with impeccable listening skills. 


A good life coach will monitor how well you are applying what you learn in each session by following up with you regularly, ultimately building trust. While you are the primary contributor to the success of your coaching, your coach should also hold you to some standard.

Different life coaches use various methods, to help you get results. The team at Integrative Life Coaching has two decades worth of experience in assisting individuals to reach their life goals. Get in contact with us today and take the first step in living a life of happiness, contentment and fulfilment.