Executive Coaching: How Much Should I Charge as a Coach?

HR departments rarely have the expertise to develop development programs on their own, so an external resource can provide new perspectives. The kind of feedback an executive coach gives is crucial for the long-term development of a leader.

Many companies use executive coaching to speed up transitions. Executive Coaching is more beneficial for professionals preparing for a promotion, moving into a new role, or facing a career obstacle. Leaders may benefit greatly from the collective wisdom of coaches as they move into higher-level positions and maintain focus.

How Much Should I Charge as a Coach?

The cost of an executive coach ranges from $2,500 to $3,000. While coaching is a high-priced investment, it provides a higher ROI than other leadership development options. Executive Coaching is a relationship, not a program, in which participants are supposed to magically transform.

Throughout the program, the client can expect some resources, exercises, and tools. You will also have to provide a framework, or structure, that you lead them through so that they can achieve less stress or develop more leadership skills. As part of your coaching program, clients should set goals for working with you and expect that coaching sessions, brainstorming, and action planning will focus on the topics of the program.

How Often Do Executive Coaches Meet with Their Clients?

The duration of coaching cycles may vary depending on the client. Some clients require several years of work, while others may need only six months. The Integrative Coaching team meets with clients at least once a week, either virtually or in person, to determine the next step in their journey. It may be necessary to decrease or increase the frequency of coaching sessions over time, depending on the specific needs of each client.

Improve Your Life Through Executive Coaching

  • Harmonious relationships through better communication
  • Increased work performance through more effective time management
  • Improved quality of life through a healthy work/life balance
  • More focus due to better sleep

What to Expect from Executive Coaching Sessions

It may be a lifelong commitment to explore one’s purpose and form new habits, but you won’t have to work with an executive coach forever. You’ll notice meaningful changes in just 12 weeks. You will receive the tools and guidance you need to make lasting positive changes as long as you are committed.

Questions You Might Get Asked by Your Executive Coach

  • What are your goals, and how do you plan to accomplish them?
  • What is most meaningful to you?
  • How do you stay motivated?
  • Where do you find happiness?
  • What obstacles do you face?
  • What changes in your life are you willing to make?

Executive Coaching is worth the investment, as thousands of professionals will attest! To learn more about becoming an Executive Coach or to schedule a complimentary discovery session, contact Integrative Coaching today!

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