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An Executive Coach Can Help Improve Your Leadership Skills and Increase Overall Success

Achieving peak performance and effective leadership always begins with the expansion of awareness, then comes the transformative process of self-discovery. This process requires investing in what we call inner work, and the ground of all true executive coaching is this inner work. 

It’s no secret that high levels of stress can lead to anxiety, depression, insomnia, loss of focus and disruptive leadership. Our executive coaching approach (also known as leadership coaching and business coaching) has consistently proven to restore mental clarify and focus, a sense of inner calm, improved communication and a sustainable work-life balance.

We are here to guide and support you as you face and overcome past conditioning, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, self-doubt, or whatever other fears stand in the way to mastering your life. Through expanding self-awareness you will gain access to your full potential in business and in life.

Whether you’re a CEO, vice president, executive, business owner, manager, team leader, entrepreneur or in the position of power the stakes for achieving peak performance are always high, and the learning never stops.

There is power in having an executive coach by your side. Not only does it show that you and your company are investing in personal development, but it is also a proactive approach to the changing times we live in.

A coaching engagement with an Integrative executive coach represents the next step in personal transformation, supporting your development, expansion and integration of consciousness. Guiding you along on the journey of empowerment, alignment, connection and Being.

A coach will help you:

  • Gain empowerment and focus
  • Tap into your unlimited potential
  • Become an effective leader
  • Dissolve conflict and inspire others
  • Gain new perspectives, insight and clarity
  • Enhance your powers of negotiation and
  • Achieve ultimate meditation
  • Develop empathy and deeper connections

What is Executive Coaching?

Usually, the core aspect of executive coaching is that the individual being coached (known as the coachee) is an executive. The coachee is someone in the position of leadership, with the responsibilities and commitments that go along with that, which is why it is also considered leadership coaching. 

Also known as high-performance or peak-performance coaching, the primary goal in executive coaching is about exploring and discovering the authentic self of the individual, revealing in the process unconscious emotions, beliefs, and thought patterns and fixations, that are usually blocking them from reaching their full potential. This type of professional coaching is not only useful in the workplace but also serves as a tool for enhancing your personal life. 

Kilburg defines the essence of executive coaching as a “helping relationship formed between a client who has managerial authority and a responsibility in the organisation and a consultant who uses a wide variety of behavioural techniques and methods to assist the client to achieve a mutually identified set of goals …” (Kilburg, 2007, p. 28)

Executive coaching is a custom-designed intervention that challenges and supports executives and senior leaders to help them clear perceptual distortions, build their skills, improve their performance in a balanced way that will ultimately lead to the fulfilment of their vision and increase their resilience to rising stress levels and overwhelm. These goals are usually related to the organisation sponsoring the coaching but can include the transition of the coachee leaving an organisation too.

There are many layers to leadership coaching that support the professional development, from the most basic of overcoming performance issues, dealing with a new level of relationship dynamics, learning the best ways to deal with increased stress levels and discovering deeper layers to themselves by revealing their hidden aspects and blind spots.

Our Executive Coaching Approach

Take the next step, and let’s begin a powerful and transformative journey together, harnessing the practices of meditation and self-mastery to reach peak performance. Invest in yourself, your team and your business and benefit from executive coaching. 

Our integrative approach to helping you on the journey to self-awareness and success incorporates powerful and liberating tools, click on each one to find out more about the following coaching services:

the extraordinary

Executive coaching is a learning approach that helps you develop and focus your self-awareness, direct your thinking, gain clarity in situations, and overcome stress to reach the extraordinary.

Unlock unlimited potential

In the end, transformation and peak performance come from the journey you’re walking within. We are here to guide and help you develop and learn new skills needed to deal with complex decision making and help you access your untapped potential through executive coaching.

Leave a lasting

The inner work you do today will have lasting positive effects on the life you want to live in the future, your business and your team. The decision to do that inner work and having a good coaching executive will help you navigate the terrain.

Who should hire an Executive Coach?

“It is lonely at the top”, and sometimes good support can be hard to come by when everyone wants a piece of you. If you wish to maintain a continued and sustained growth path then you should consider executive coaching. If you want to overcome old patterns that you’re just not able to get rid of and affect real transformational change, you can with a coach. 

If you’re in a leadership position, the executive coaches can offer the support you’ve been looking for. It is vital to understand, however, that both managers and executives should be ready for coaching.

Most organizations acknowledge the need for coaching in the workforce and understand that executives benefit from the investment. Measuring of their executive coaching results by ROI simply strengthens the case for coaching.

Top 3 reasons coaches are engaged

1. Develop high potentials or facilitate transition…48%

2. Act as a sounding board…26%

3. Address derailing behaviour…12%

Reference from a Harvard Business Review

Why does Executive Coaching work?

With a coach, you have an impartial sounding board, motivator and accountability partner. Coaching empowers you to find the answers within yourself, this is done by your coach asking you the right questions and helping you shift your perspective and discover new opportunities. 

Coaching for senior leaders, executives and business owners are important because it gives you a greater sense of meaning and fulfilment, which is a fundamental driver in our life. The majority of business leaders have blind spots, and executive coaches are able to help shine a light on those problem areas so you can continue to grow, and your team and family can thrive; this is where a long term coaching agreement will support and help you maintain continued growth.

The Integrative Approach To Executive Coaching

The integrative approach teaches you how to master your awareness, discover and process unconscious emotions and achieve your full potential. The process is fundamentally experiential rather than only intellectual, which drastically helps to create real and lasting positive change.

Often in executive coaching, the coaching stops at the level of intellect, and while this can be insightful, this insight usually becomes forgotten again as time passes. Lasting change only happens by allowing the transformative power of actually integrating unconscious emotions with conscious awareness and by dissolving negative and limiting beliefs and thought patterns. 

This process will first help you identify those limiting patterns, then support you in facing the shadow aspects that drive those unhealthy patterns and finally open you up to revealing your authentic self. Trusting in executive and life coaching will enable you to experience the full support and power that lies within you.

This is how executive coaching can really help you step up into being and functioning at your optimal level.

Frequently Asked Questions about Executive Coaching

Industry professionals are increasingly turning to executive coaches for leadership development, peak performance training and support during the transformative process of self-discovery.

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, team leader or entrepreneur the stakes are always high, and learning never stops. There is always something new to incorporate; new strategies and perspectives, different customer types to consider and employees to motivate.

Integrative Executive Coaching teaches you the right way to deal with complex decision making by understanding yourself and others; your strengths and weaknesses, limiting beliefs and your untapped potential.

If you’re in search of guidance around how you can advance and excel as a human being, not only in your career or business but throughout your life, then executive coaching is ideal for you.

You will learn how to focus your awareness, direct your thinking, gain clarity in situations, and overcome stress. You’ll also be equipped to apply what you’ve learned, both in the professional and personal life. The success you’ll achieve is only limited by the level to which you are willing to commit.

Commitment to the process will lead you to:

  • Build Emotional Resilience
  • Manage Stress
  • Stop Overthinking
  • Navigate Career Changes
  • Overcome Setbacks
  • Dissolve Inner Conflict

One of the most common obstacles a coaching executive faces is often the time it takes for the client to open up, let their defences down and honestly share more about themselves. It is natural for most people to prefer to hide their so-called vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

This is something that we have all learnt how to do. We hide behind a mask and this is the first layer a coaching executive will encourage you to lower. This isn’t always conscious, many of our defences are unconscious and were created for good reason in early childhood, however now as adults those very same defences can become the obstacles that limit our success lie.

From a coaching perspective, one of the best ways to prepare for your first session is to start by writing down everything you would like to work on, change or improve, those things that you believe are standing in the way and share that with your executive coach in the first session.

Also, approach the coaching process with an open mind and an attitude of commitment. To tap into your unlimited potential, you will need to invest in and commit to the process of transformation. Your executive coach is there to help you, so being completely open and honest is only going to help you.

The executive coaching process by Integrative Coaching starts with a Discovery Consultation of 40 minutes, during which we’ll establish how we’ll work together and identify the areas you wish to focus on.

As your sessions progress we’ll discover what is blocking you from achieving your vision life while helping you:

  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Enhance growth opportunities.
  • Develop a harmonious relationship with people.
  • Improve conflict resolution.
  • Increased emotional intelligence and emotional management.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and increase your confidence.
  • Resolve past traumatic patterns.
  • Grow and expand your creativity and intuition. 

Your executive coach will provide confidential and supportive feedback, skillfully guiding you through the many different layers of your inner world, supporting you and encouraging you along the way.

You can expect a professional executive coach to ask you powerful questions that not only help you achieve more clarity but also challenge your assumptions. This can sometimes be very uncomfortable, as you face your blind spots and biases. 

While this process can feel unpleasant in the moment, this is very normal for the shifting of perspectives, especially ones that have been held as certainties for a very long time, even when they don’t support us anymore. It is essential to be completely honest with yourself and the coach when answering these questions. Withholding crucial information because you feel ashamed or guilty will have an effect on how successful your executive coaching sessions are when all is said and done. 

For all types of coaching, a typical coaching process is usually set for 6 to 12 months, which often gets renewed if the coachee feels that the growth process has been beneficial to him or her and would like to continue with a sustained trajectory.

Executive coaching can be considered as “the hero’s journey” as termed by Joseph Campbell. It is truly a path of opening oneself to the deeper dimensions of consciousness in the hope to discover a profoundly new way of being to bridge certain gaps and transcend challenges in an organization, the world and more importantly oneself. 

But how is this done, and what actually happens in the process. Take heed of the words of Beverly Sills, “there is no shortcut to any place worth going.” 

What happens when we open up to these deeper dimensions of consciousness? We expose ourselves, our ego, our worldview, to chaos so disruptive, so disintegrating, that it threatens to unravel us to the point of madness and beyond. But this is a necessary step if we are to “reach new shores.” If we persevere in the process and do not jump out of it too soon, we will be given the keys to the universe and discover pathways where previously there were none. 

What in essence do we mean by deeper dimensions of consciousness? When you consider your view of the world, this includes your fundamental beliefs about your entire reality and yourself. And these two, the world and you, actually are not two. They are not separate but define and reinforce each other. This reality that we speak of is really the reality of order built by language and reason, which actually has its origins in chaos. 

We are stuck in the prison of our own thinking, and that is why we do not see the opportunities around us. We have materialized the world. We have put blinkers on ourselves in order to calm our anxieties about the mystery of the universe we find ourselves in. The deeper dimensions help us dissolve the walls of this prison, and although terrifying and often horrifying as this can be because we have to face our own madness and even death (end of the ego-self as we knew it) that very experience brings with it the dawn of the true self, our authentic self, the one that is the very origin of creativity and innovation. 

Of course, the quick fix sounds far more appealing after that and can give a momentary glimmer of a possibility, but nothing sustainable or transformative. That which is transformative is initially disintegrating, disruptive and deeply disturbing, only then does the new self emerge from that alchemy, the transformation of lead into gold. The hero emerges from the journey into depths with the holy grail, so to speak, this is the journey your executive coach will guide you through.

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