The Infinite Spark

Learn the 8 Crucial Steps of how to access the Divinity within you! Unlock and Actualize your greatest potential! Create a life filled with Love, Meaning and Purpose!u200b

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A Word From The Author

Many people truly believe that happiness lies in some external achievement or acquisition. That if they accomplish x, y or z, they will then be happy. And this is fundamentally on of biggest mistakes in their thinking. Another problem is that they also believe, that if they had to find happiness within themselves, then they would stop striving to be better, and maybe wouldn’t aim at achieving anything. This is the second biggest mistake so many people make. Mastery isn’t about going to meditate in the mountains for the rest of your life. I’ve tried that…

Learn How to Deal with Stress, Anxiety & Depression

These are by products of learning the art of emotional mastery. Some of them are extremely pleasant, like being able to transform negative experiences into positive ones. What would the value of just being able to do that be to you?