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What our clients Have To say!

I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how to manage their stress, expand their awareness of the inner dimension, experience inner peace and experience enlightenment.
Manuel Koseru200bu200b
Founding Partner of Silvertree Capital and Co-founder of Zando
Meditation can be a very doubting and daunting experience. But with Warren Munitzu2019s passionate and truthful guidance and over 20 years of experience he has helped me to accept the ups and downs of life by teaching me the art of mindful meditation, to let go of my worries and fears and embrace life to the fullest.
Alberta Coetzee
Systems Analyst, Woolworths ITS
The coaching I received from Warren has led to the deepest and most meaningful introspection to date (I am not that young, so had tried a few times before ud83dude0a ), and to sweeping changes in my approach to life.
Chief Director Institutional Development & Support Technical Consulting Services