Can Life Coaches Help with Anxiety?

Globally, anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health conditions. The number of people suffering from anxiety disorders is estimated to be 275 million. In terms of the global population, that represents around 4%. 

There are often both mental and physical reactions associated with anxiety. It may feel like you are out of control or panicky. Some people feel tense and jumpy all the time or feel a constant sense of dread. Tension and irritability are also common symptoms of anxiety. In addition to mental reactions, anxiety also causes physical symptoms. An upset stomach, headaches, or a racing heart are examples of these symptoms.

Can Life Coaches Help with Anxiety?

The job of a life coach is not to help individuals cope with mental illness. It’s not something they’re trained to do. As opposed to therapists, they cannot provide clinical treatment for conditions like anxiety and depression. However, their methodologies, techniques, and the type of problems they solve for their clients result in decreased stress, the ability to manage their emotions, reduced anxiety and negative thinking, enhanced professional and personal relationship skills and improvement in general well-being.

All of these factors contribute to mental health. That fact cannot be ignored. In addition to confidence building, coaching empowers a soul to be thoughtful and positive in a way that’s conducive to growth. An individual can benefit from personalized coaching when he or she feels low or divided into pieces. Coaching enables that individual to reach a state in which they can make good decisions for themselves.

To combat anxiety, you might want to consider seeing a therapist. If your anxiety is related to life/career choices, a life coach might be able to help you better understand and manage your situation. They can also hold you accountable and monitor your progress. 

You don’t have to face anxiety alone! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Feel free to get in touch with the team at Integrative Coaching for more information or to book a complimentary session.

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