Why Breath Awareness Is Important and How to Master It

The importance of Breath Awareness

If you have ever wondered why breath awareness is so important, we are here to tell you and to help you master it quickly. 

The breath is the link between the conscious and unconscious mind. With little effort, you can become aware of the breath. This awareness will bring you to a deeper dimension to your being. The breath is like a bridge, connecting your conscious mind, with the unconscious dimension of your being.

Having an awareness of your unconscious mind, you will gain insight into what is directing your behaviour and your thoughts. You will also begin to learn that the mind will become calm by itself if you allow it space to do so.

It will help you in every aspect of your life, from better sleep to a deeper understanding of yourself and others, improved relationships and even better health.

Breathing is the source of life we can not go very long without it. It is the essence that most, if not all spiritual, religious and mystical systems refer to as spirit. It is the subtle essence that invigorates us, and with increased awareness, we can learn to gain access to resources that we were previously unaware of.

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