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Life coaching is a booming industry and can be an incredible career choice. There is an growing need for guidance and support from trained and qualified life coaches, making the potential for significant financial reward very real.

At Integrative Coaching we offer some of the best life coach certification courses in the industry, brought to you by Warren Munitz, a COMENSA Master Practitioner with over 20 years hands-on experience. Together with COMENSA Senior Practitioner, Spiro Yaffes, the Integrative Coaching team is making a real impact on the world as they train and skill up coaches that are willing to do the work to become world class coaches.

How To Become a Life Coach

If you are going to become a strong influence in peoples’ lives and help them unlock their full potential, then you need to apply yourself to the same standards of excellence and train with the experts.

Once you understand the workings of the mind, how to help others become conscious of and integrate the deeper layers of the unconscious, then you will be ready to start coaching.

To become a life coach, you must first make sure of your direction in life and have complete mastery over your mind and emotions. As such, all potential integrative coaches must complete our online meditation and self-awareness training course either before or during their training. This is not negotiable, your level of realization and awareness is the level of realization you are able to coach at and help others uncover. Without this key “incredient” coaching remains transactional and one-dimensional.

Warren Munitz

Let’s Get Real - Are You Ready...

Less than 5% of coaches, who study to become a life coach, go on to actually coach and even less become successful at life coaching. That’s a fail rate of over 95%!

Before you invest in Life Coach Training, ask yourself:

  • Do I have the passion to help others and to continue my own personal development and conscious evolution?
  • Am I ready to commit to being self-employed full-time or part-time?
  • Does Integrative training offer me what I want out of a life coaching career?

There are no shortcuts to becoming an Integrative Coach. The first Level of the Integrative Coach Training Certification alone will take a minimum of 24 months to complete. Now that we’ve thinned the herd; if you are passionate and committed to creating lasting and meaningful change in peoples’ lives as well as your own, then perhaps you could become an Integrative Coach.

Accredited Life Coach
Certification Courses

Our Integrative Coach Training program is fully accredited by South Africa’s leading accreditation body for Coaching and Mentoring (COMENSA). As part of our training, we have integrated COMENSA’s Behavioural Standards Framework, Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct into our approach,helping you get the best start possible. Your Life Coaching Career Path Starts Here.

The 3 Levels of Integrative Coach Training:

Level 1

Integrative Coach Certification (IC)

You will be a fully qualified Integrative Coach after completing Level 1 on completion of all sessions, assignments and practicum hours.

Level 2

Integrative Professional Coach Certification (IPC)

Become a Professional Integrative Coach; requirements are the successful completion of the Integrative Coach Certification.

Level 3

Integrative Master Coach Certification (IMC)

Become a Master Coach; requirements are the successful completion of the Integrative Professional Coach Certification.

Each level requires a minimum of 1 year to complete.
There is a lot to cover, so be prepared to immerse yourself.

What You’ll Be Learning During The 3 Levels

  • The Integrative Coaching™ Approach
  • Meditation and Instruction, Theory and Techniques
  • Transpersonal Psychology Theory
  • The Psychology of Coaching and Mentoring
  • Psychotherapy Theories and Practices
  • Active Imagination Theory and Techniques
  • Hypnotherapy Theory and Techniques
  • Stress Management and biofeedback Theory and Techniques
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Theory and Techniques
  • Time Therapy Theory and Techniques
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

How You’ll Be Deemed Competent?

  • Achieve 80% or above for all book reports.
  • Achieve 80% or above for the open book test.
  • Successfully demonstrate your competence in performing the skills learnt during training.
  • Demonstrate the adoption of the Integrative Coaching attitude to working with clients.
  • Incorporate the Coaching Competencies as set out in the training.
  • Successfully pass the Coaching Evaluation at the end of each training level.


I initially started sessions with Warren because I had come to an end in the road, I could no longer help myself and everything I had tried was proving futile. A friend recommended Warren to me and I figured I had nothing to lose. All I knew was that I needed to change, beliefs, behaviours and the trajectory I was on and I didn’t know how to do that on my own.

The moment I had my first session with Warren I knew that this was the path I wanted to walk. The one that was meant for me. Not only personally, but as a professional. I could really make a difference in the lives of others if I trained to be a coach with Warren.

It was the first therapy session I ever felt was 100% authentic and changed something inside me immediately.

Warrens’ course content is very thorough – it is in line with a university degree in my opinion. Covering topics such as psychology and philosophy and exploring other alternative therapies such as meditation & hypnotherapy that can be incorporated into coaching. Nothing is left to chance, you explore all avenues in depth. Professionally laid out with Warren to answer any and all questions as you proceed through the training.

I did sessions with Warren for years as part of my self development journey and my coaches training (practical hours). Warren believes you have to walk the path in order to guide others on it, and I couldn’t agree more. You have to do the work yourself in order to fully understand what it takes to dedicate yourself to this journey – only then will you fully understand where your clients are coming from and where they are going. Only then can you fully show up for them and be there for them.

If you want to do work that really matters, that results in real long lasting positive changes, then this coaches training is for you. Unlike any other coaches training this is not a quick theory check box process. This is THE WORK, the only work, that matters in my opinion. It changes lives. And it is the best thing I ever did.

I use my integrative coaches training in all areas of my life, not only in a client-coach setting. It flows into my personal relationships, work relationships and has had a visible impact on the quality of my every day life since the very beginning.

It has been nearly 8 years now and I still have sessions with Warren, the work never stops. And every single time, I walk away with something new.
I was drawn to this coach training programme following my own transformational journey with Integrative Coaching. I experienced first-hand the integrative coaching approach and was fascinated by the transformation it had in all areas of my life.

I started the course, initially, because of my curiosity in understanding the approach and wanting to further my personal development, however, this evolved to include developing my own coaching practice.

Through this programme I have discovered so much more about myself, my relationships with others, how to realise my own potential and how to help others realise their potential. The structure and content of this course is unlike any others, and because of this, it has been instrumental in developing my capacity and capability to become a professional life coach.
I highly recommend undertaking the coaching training as it will completely change your life. Warren and supporting coaches will guide and hold space for you whilst you learn how to navigate your conscious and unconscious mind, which will allow you to alleviate suffering as well as set yourself free from the past – mental structures, stored emotions or past events that keep repeating themselves in your mind. The training is not easy as you’re having to face yourself, come to terms with how much you’re projecting onto others, build a relationship with emotions and integrate subject matter by letting go of past versions of yourself. Whilst this is taxing and very challenging, it is well worth it if you want to live the best life possible.
Anke Becker
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Top 3 Reasons You Should Enrol Now


100% accredited life coaching course.

Feel confident when investing.​

Proven Approach to Life Coaching Mastery.

Learn the skills, knowledge and understanding to coach anyone.

Learn from the creator of Integrative Coaching.

Gain influence in the leading-edge Life coaching Approach.

Space is Limited!

We only accept a small number of students to accommodate for the highly personal and individual attention that we aim to give each student!

Speak to a representative now to get all the details.

Acceptance into the program is considered after an initial interview,
not all applicants are accepted because our coach training is NOT for Everyone.

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