Barry Nortje

Integrative Coach

Barry suffered mentally, emotionally and physically for almost a decade before having a spiritual awakening that allowed him to embark on a path of self-healing. He started off working on his physical body by studying Nutritional Therapy, energetic work (Reiki) and was eventually led to Warren as a teacher to work on the psychospiritual aspects of his being.

Four months into his training, working closely with Warren, he knew that this is what he needed to do – to help others learn how to heal themselves so that they can in turn help the ones close to them.

Barry believes that engaging in self actualisation, individuation, connecting with the divine is a journey that cannot be put into words as to how worthwhile, healing, joyous, comforting or peaceful it is nor how profound the clarity is that you receive to engage in life. It’s not an easy path as it requires you to integrate trauma, pain, suffering, let go of beliefs and ultimately attachment to identity – but nothing else will fill that innate hole, that innate desire for expansion everyone has at the core of their being.

“People are capable of way more than what they dream is possible or realistic. A lot of people feel trapped, powerless, stuck, unloved, and in pain, when it is completely possible to heal yourself and live a life that flows easily, freely and joyfully. It’s like waking up after being asleep. Living after being dead. I want to help others to wake up, to live life, to connect to life.”

He is passionate about living holistically, giving nourishment to both body and mind by eating intuitively and movement such as Muay Thai, Calisthenics and Yoga. Barry looks after content management and support for student coaches as well as new client discovery sessions and integrative coaching sessions. In his role, he is as a catalyst and container for a client to heal themselves.

  • Integrative Professional Coach
  • COMENSA Senior Practitioner
  • COMENSA Senior Evaluator
  • The Health Sciences Academy
  • Nutritional Therapist Diploma Level 5
  • NLP Coach & Practitioner
  • Mindscape Practitioner
  • Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver