Meet the
Integrative Coaching Team

Warren Munitz

Founder of Integrative Coaching

Warren’s personal journey that led him to begin Integrative Coaching is an extraordinary one. His path has been the proverbial road less travelled way of arriving at the place where he is now. Anxiety, depression, and suicide were the motivators to investigating consciousness, not an academic interest and career path out of school like it is for so many others in this industry. It was in this very struggle of questioning the meaning of life and our purpose here on earth that Warren discovered something within that changed everything. What unfolded within changed his personal narrative and perspective completely. He came to believe that if he could master a life of meaning, joy, and inner peace, he could live a purposeful life, one with conviction.

He searched for enlightened sages when modern medicine, academia and psychology failed. He had to find his way through the jungle to the Himalayan Mountains where he lived for six months spending 16 hours a day in solitary meditation. This life-or-death investigation led him to personal realization and to a profound understanding of consciousness and the inner workings of the mind. His is not an intellectual understanding of the subject but direct experience of the very nature of consciousness itself.

This new path led him to the discovery of fundamental importance, that self-awareness and meditation are intricately linked to a life of inner-balance, inner-peace, and self-mastery. He has spent many years with different teachers, therapists, psychotherapists, coaches and gurus, each with their unique role in his life.

It is from these experiences that Warren has dedicated his life to healing, learning and transforming himself so that he may help others do the same, to help them become their own masters of their destiny. His passion for helping others with meditation, coaching and self-mastery has come from overcoming his own inner demons.

“The secret to access the divinity, actualize your greatest potential, and live a life filled with love, meaning and purpose is within you.”

As the founder of Integrative Coaching, Warren has developed his own unique integrative coaching approach wherein the unconscious mind can heal and transform one’s life. As a qualified and experienced Master Executive Coach and Master NLP Coach, he has studied many different forms of meditation, yoga, philosophy, coaching and psychotherapies.

  • Master Executive Coach
  • Master NLP life coach
  • Master Business coach
  • Master Relationship coach
  • Master Meditation and Yoga instructor
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • COMENSA Master Practitioner 
  • COMENSA Master Evaluator
  • Time Paradigm Techniques Master Practitioner
  • Published author of the book The Infinite Spark.
  • Degree in Science in Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Certified Enneagram Teacher (TNE) 
  • Enneagram Coach and Facilitator
  • Over 26,000 hours coaching
  • Over 32,000 hours of meditation

Siobahn Eksteen (Shani)

Executive Assistant & Client Services

Before joining Integrative Coaching, Shani not only hated her job but felt deeply unfulfilled in all aspects of her life. After sending out hundreds of job applications, she still had no idea what she wanted to get out of life and work.

During an emotional breakdown, her best friend asked her if there was anything in the world she could do, what would it be? The answer quickly trickled out of her mouth, “I want to do something with consciousness and the spirit. I want to learn more and live in that.” Three days later, she came across Warren’s job ad, and she knew that this is exactly what she was looking for.

Three years later, Shani is just as passionate about her role at Integrative Coaching as if it was her first day. She believes it is a great privilege to do this work and to be part of expanding consciousness and healing. She has become an essential part of the Integrative Coaching team.

“Integrative Coaching is a safe space for healing and expansion, and I absolutely love that I get to be part of that. I get to see and feel first-hand how lives are being changed and the feeling of relief that rolls over everyone who opens themselves up to this experience, it’s really incredible”

As Warren’s Executive Assistant and the Office Manager, she ensures that everything functions smoothly so that clients can get the most out of their sessions.

Barry Nortje

Integrative Coach

Barry suffered mentally, emotionally and physically for almost a decade before having a spiritual awakening that allowed him to embark on a path of self-healing. He started off working on his physical body by studying Nutritional Therapy, energetic work (Reiki) and was eventually led to Warren as a teacher to work on the psychospiritual aspects of his being.

Four months into his training, working closely with Warren, he knew that this is what he needed to do – to help others learn how to heal themselves so that they can in turn help the ones close to them.

Barry believes that engaging in self actualisation, individuation, connecting with the divine is a journey that cannot be put into words as to how worthwhile, healing, joyous, comforting or peaceful it is nor how profound the clarity is that you receive to engage in life. It’s not an easy path as it requires you to integrate trauma, pain, suffering, let go of beliefs and ultimately attachment to identity – but nothing else will fill that innate hole, that innate desire for expansion everyone has at the core of their being.

“People are capable of way more than what they dream is possible or realistic. A lot of people feel trapped, powerless, stuck, unloved, and in pain, when it is completely possible to heal yourself and live a life that flows easily, freely and joyfully. It’s like waking up after being asleep. Living after being dead. I want to help others to wake up, to live life, to connect to life.”

He is passionate about living holistically, giving nourishment to both body and mind by eating intuitively and movement such as Muay Thai, Calisthenics and Yoga. Barry looks after content management and support for student coaches as well as new client discovery sessions and integrative coaching sessions. In his role, he is as a catalyst and container for a client to heal themselves.

  • Integrative Professional Coach
  • COMENSA Senior Practitioner
  • COMENSA Senior Evaluator
  • The Health Sciences Academy
  • Nutritional Therapist Diploma Level 5
  • NLP Coach & Practitioner
  • Mindscape Practitioner
  • Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver

Sanja Lutzeyer

Integrative Coach

Sanja began her journey of self-discovery and empowerment at the tender age of 18.

She attended numerous personal development courses, retreats and workshops.

When she had time and the finances she decided to embrace her yearning for self-actualisation, her spiritual awakening and the need for healing to find her calling.

Focusing on her corporate career, obtaining her PhD in Economics from an American University (NCSU), climbing the corporate ladder and enjoying financial freedom, yet only when Sanja’s health faltered, again, was she forced to take control of her own future, follow her passion and listen to her heart.

When researching different types of coaching, Integrative Coaching resonated, as it was client centered and draws from the wisdom of all the different psychological theories, and includes the soul and the spirit in the view of what it means to be a complete human being.

Integrative Coaching recommended their training, and after chatting with Warren, Sanja knew this was the journey she was going to take.

Sanja says that her “primary focus is the Voice, Movement and Art Exploration retreat.”

This is her pure joy!!

It was in 2011, that she rather reluctantly tried Freestyle Rapping after being coaxed into it by two young guys she was travelling with.

Since then, she has performed at festivals and says… “I have leveraged my background in life-coaching to facilitate groups of individuals in finding their voice and reconnecting to their true, creative self-expression”

For the last twenty years, she has engaged in a host of different trainings, retreats and personal development programs and courses.

As such, Sanja has learnt and trialed many different techniques and processes that she can now draw on depending on what the client needs.

Having studied philosophy and so many different forms of meditation, mindfulness, energy healing and sacred sexuality, this allows her to draw on different modalities as needed to assist those she helps as a INTEGRATIVE COACH.

  • Integrative Coach Training, Integrative Coaching, Cape Town
  • Ph.D., Economics (GPA: 4.0), North Carolina State University, Raleigh, March 2013
  • Honours, Economics (Cum Laude) University of Stellenbosch, 2007
  • BA, Politics, Philosophy & Economics (Cum Laude), University of Stellenbosch, 2006
  • Study Abroad, Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico, June – December 2005, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, January – April 2004

Manka Bajaj

Integrative Coach

Manka joined Integrative Coaching in 2019 and is certified by COMENSA. She has ten years of experience working for the United Nations and has a Masters degree from Sciences Po, Paris. Manka combines energetic healings, meditations, mantras and breathwork in her coaching programmes to help clients reach breakthroughs. She advocates for meditation over medication where possible. Manka is from India and is also a certified international Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher. She leads retreats and teaches online to a diverse community across Africa, Asia and UK.

In Kenya, she has taught at Watamu Treehouse, Kisima Festival in Kilifi, Yoga Cafe in Nairobi and for the Indian High Commission. Certified by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), Manka is among the new generation of teachers trained for the Aquarian Age. Her work specialised in aligning the heart with the womb and the throat.

So many of us walk through the world looking outside of ourselves for direction. Manka works with clients on becoming the authority of themselves. She believes that honing the skill of resourcing our own truth from inside of ourselves, rather than those around us, is the single most important skill we can have. Through this, we trust. Through this we know we have every answer inside of ourselves that we possibly need. She helps clients resource their own truth from the wisdom of their bodies and build self-trust Her aim is to help clients move from guilt and shame to higher frequency of love so that they become magnetic. 

  • Integrative Coach Training, Integrative Coaching, Cape Town
  • Masters degree from Sciences Po, Paris
  • Certified international Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher

Ryan Tyack

Integrative Coach

Ryan is a ICF Certified Professional Consciousness Coach.

He founded Potential Is Human in 2018 after facing his own journey of career change and personal transformation. It was during this period when the vision to support people to discover who they really are and unlock new levels of their potential was born. Ryan is also the most recent member of the Integrative Coaching team.

With experience in coaching individuals, business teams, coachtraining and facilitating on various retreats, Ryan is
naturally energised by human connection and enjoys working with individuals who want to be leaders and pioneers in their respective careers while having the courage to embrace their humanness.

Ryan is extremely passionate about the journey of self-discovery and supporting people to achieve inner-mastery in order to find a deeper sense of purpose in their lives – both personally and professionally.

Focus Areas:

  • Developing self-awareness
  • Finding a deeper sense of purpose in your career
  • Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt
  • Creating healthy balanced
  • Improving mental health and holistic wellbeing
  • Building self-confidence
  • Developing authentic self-expression
  • Dealing with difficult emotions
  • Improving anxiety
  • Sourcing clarity and setting meaningful goals
  • Achieving inner-mastery and living a harmonious life


  • Bachelor of Arts – Major in Psychology and
  • Communication Science (UNISA)
  • Diploma in Professional Coaching – Creative
  • Consciousness International (ICF)
  • Certified Future Fit coach – Future Fit Academy
  • Smiling Soul Consciousness Coach – Smiling Soul
  • Creations
  • Love Out Loud International Facilitator – Love Out Loud

Rita Schoeman

Integrative Coach

Rita’s journey with Integrative Coaching started as a coach training student. After completing her coach training and certification with us, she embraced her calling as an Integrative Coach.

Rita’s decision to join the world of coaching was fueled by a deep-seated desire to support individuals in navigating their paths to self-discovery and authenticity. She is passionate about assisting clients to confront and integrate the aspects of themselves they may fear, guiding them towards a more whole and self-aware existence.

Her own path to Integrative Coaching was marked by significant personal challenges, including a period of profound loss and a search for meaning. Discovering Integrative Coaching became a turning point, offering her a sense of direction and purpose. Her connection with the community and alignment with its values reinforced her commitment to self-awareness & coaching.

Rita’s experiences, particularly those involving high-pressure environments and personal reckonings, have profoundly shaped her approach to coaching. They have instilled in her a deep empathy, resilience, and a focus on conscious choice-making. She is dedicated to supporting her clients through their “Lifequakes” helping them transform adversity into opportunities for growth and self realization.

At the heart of Rita’s coaching philosophy is her belief in the Integrative Approach, which considers the whole person. She champions the idea that acknowledging and integrating our fragmented parts can lead to profound healing and self acceptance.


  • Integrative Certified Coach
  • COMENSA Certified Coach
  • Diploma in Cost Management Accounting, Technikon Port Elizabeth

Spiro Yaffes

Integrative Coach

Although Spiro has all the necessary credentials and academic qualifications for a coaching role, he credits his own life experiences as the most valuable tools for helping others. He has struggled with loss of loved ones, has endured heartache and pain, and has failed enough times to discover that life’s difficulties are the best teachers, if you are willing to learn to accept the lessons that they have to offer.

Spiro believes that these experiences have permitted him to access his own humility and vulnerability, allowing him to hold the space to serve others and help them to transform their lives.

Spiro has been closely affiliated to Warren for many years and was one of his first Yoga students from his teaching days in the early 2000’s. He has a deep respect for Warren’s understanding of the psychological and spiritual process that each of us must take on this journey towards self-discovery. As such, he was very keen to work together with Warren as they both have a shared vision for the potential of Integrative clients.

“I know that change can feel very terrifying at times and therefore, I see my job as being able to provide an accepting and a non-judgemental environment so that people learn to feel safe enough to look within, as it is from within where they can discover that they really do have all of the answers themselves.”

As a senior integrative coach, Spiro splits his time between coaching private clients and training students at the academy He is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and has a genuine interest in each client’s wellbeing. He also loves to work with Integrative students and to witness the tremendous amount of growth that comes with being part of this extraordinary transformational experience each one of them encounters.

  • Integrative Master Coach
  • Coaching Diploma from SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology)
    COMENSA SeniorPractitioner and Evaluator
  • Personal Fitness Instructor, ETA Sport Science Institute
  • Martial Arts Instructor, SA Wingtsun

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