2 of 12 – The Roots of Influence: Unearthing the Foundations of Self

family and friends in the park representing self-awareness of the influence your family plays
Discover how family, culture, and early experiences shape your self-awareness. Uncover the roots of influence to find your authentic self.

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Our journey through life is deeply influenced by various factors that mould our identity from an early age. Understanding the roots of these influences is essential for anyone looking to transcend them and discover authentic self-awareness. This exploration takes us back to the origins of our deepest influences—family, culture, and early experiences.

Family: The First Influence

The family is often our first and most impactful influence. The beliefs, values, and behaviours modelled by family members become the initial blueprint for our own. This includes everything from our communication style to our views on work, relationships, and self-worth.

Cultural Influences: The Wider Context

Beyond the family, culture plays a significant role in shaping our identity. Cultural norms and values inform our understanding of the world, influencing our decisions, aspirations, and the way we interact with others. These cultural scripts can be empowering, but they can also limit our perception of what is possible.

Early Experiences: The Building Blocks of Self

Our early experiences, including education, friendships, and significant life events, contribute to the foundation of our identity. These experiences can reinforce or challenge the influences of family and culture, leading to a complex interplay that shapes our unique perspective on life.

The Power of Self-Awareness

Becoming aware of these foundational influences allows us to question and reassess their hold on us. It opens up the possibility of change, enabling us to choose which influences we want to keep and which we wish to transcend in pursuit of a more authentic self.


The roots of influence run deep, but with awareness and reflection, we can begin to untangle them from our identity. This process is not about rejecting our past but about understanding its impact on our present and future. By examining the origins of our influences, we can make conscious choices about who we want to become, fostering greater self-awareness.

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