10 Powerful Affirmations That Will Change Your Life For Good

Time spent on self-improvement is never wasted.

It is human nature to think of things negatively most of the time. We talk about what we do not have instead of the things we do and should be grateful for. We focus our energy on the mistakes we have made, instead of the things we have done right. The self-judgement that is going on is endless and often rooted in unconscious beliefs that we have learnt.

How different do you think your life would be if you could replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk?

Did you know that you have the power to change your thought process with daily affirmations? Affirmations are positive statements you recite every day. These declarations help to motivate you and shift limiting beliefs you might be harbouring deep inside.

Below are ten affirmations to help you get started. Remember, for them to work, you have to use them often — perhaps make them part of your morning routine. Do not attempt this process without awareness. Use each affirmation in a considered way, not on “auto-pilot”.

  1. I am enough.
  2. I let go of any negative views about my life and myself and accept all that is good
  3. I am courageous and face my fears head-on
  4. I have the power to create the life I want and enjoy it
  5. I have everything I need to face any obstacles life shows me
  6. I am surrounded by positive and supportive people who want to see me succeed
  7. I choose to think positive thoughts and create a fulfiling and successful life for myself
  8. I have the strength to create positive change in my life
  9. Every day I will become more confident and successful
  10. There is no limit to my аbіlіtу tо overcome challenges; mу роtеntіаl tо succeed іѕ іnfіnіtе

You can use affirmations as a tool for manifesting positive changes in your life. It will not happen overnight, and you might need help. Feel free to speak to the coaches at Integrative Coaching about more tools available to find inner peace, harmony and balance and create the life of your dreams. Or book your free session today!


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